Suddenly.. I really miss MUNSTAA!!

suddenly, the memories when i was junior high school, appeared in my mind. .

I met MUNSTAA~ ~

and when we were graduated..

Purna Siswa

a member of Munstaa:

1. Munstaa KingKong

2. Munstaa Beebeek (read: bibik)

3. Munstaa Kuwala

4. Munstaa Kecibeung

5. Munstaa Jungle Piink Pig

6. Munstaa Bengik

I really miss U guys!!!

I hope i have a free time to meet you!! >_____<

My drawing:

from left: Kingkong, BeeBeek. and Kuwala


from left: Kecibeung, Jupipi, and Bengik


Where are U, Sushhiii??

she closed(deactive) her facebook..

a few hours ago, she told me that she had a problem..

before of that, she just said, sayonara~ etc..

I’m going be lonely~

i knew she had a problem coz i opened my mail.. if i opened early, mybe i could said something to her.. 😥 hiks.hiks..

this is her last post (for now):

“Love youu too My Friend!!!!!! Miss you!!!! Bye…”

“I go of Facebook now…I have a problems…Take care My Friend…Love youu~”

“I don’t forget My Friends…”

her comment  in this photo (that she tag):

“Sayonara My Friends”

Ma Soeur~

hope you could finnished your problem quickly..

so, we can chat again!!! >_______<

Tu me manques~!


はい~ ~

I want to tell about my NEW HIGH SCHOOL!! ^____^

I’m very happy can accepted in there~

although, the facilities are not  better than my junior high school, but it’s okay for me

My named of my high school is:

SMA N 1 PAKEM.. or we usually call SMAPA. ^___^

this is it:

and then, we entered it..

my school has many championship trophies.. ^____^

I proud with that..

and let’s see the class..

actually, that’s not my class..

i don’t really know that my class or not.. kkekekek XP

and this is basketball court and volley ball court..


and let’s see other photos.. >__<


hm~~ i think that’s not enough..

( but, i don’t have any photos again,, T___T)

sometimes, i will tell my class :XA

^______^  can’t wait!!

Au Revoir~ ❤

Semoga hari kalian menyenangkan!! ^___^

Konichiwa Minna-san~!

konichiwa minna-san~!! have a great day??

hm~ this is not my 1st blog..

my old blog is fail, so i make it again..


First, let me introduce myself.. ^___^

My real name is.. ********* (censored) hehehe XP

just call me Ruri Matsui, or Ruri.

I’m 15 years old.  Still study hard in high school.. ^____^

I’m came from Indonesia.. what a beautiful island!! ❤ ❤


My english is bad, so if i make mistakes someday, please tell me and correct it!

I love SUUUNN~~!! Sunrise and Sunset!! beautiful!! !! !!

I’d love learning others language.. but, i’m not fluently at all.. 

I’d love reading!!! Romance novel is the best!! but, Manga and Manhwa is the best too!! ^____^

country that wants me to go:


that’s enough ’bout me.. ^_____^

gomen ne..

if there’s some mistakes or something that make you bad..

Douzo Yoroshiku!!  

with love, Rurii~