Konichiwa Minna-san~!

konichiwa minna-san~!! have a great day??

hm~ this is not my 1st blog..

my old blog is fail, so i make it again..


First, let me introduce myself.. ^___^

My real name is.. ********* (censored) hehehe XP

just call me Ruri Matsui, or Ruri.

I’m 15 years old.  Still study hard in high school.. ^____^

I’m came from Indonesia.. what a beautiful island!! ❤ ❤


My english is bad, so if i make mistakes someday, please tell me and correct it!

I love SUUUNN~~!! Sunrise and Sunset!! beautiful!! !! !!

I’d love learning others language.. but, i’m not fluently at all.. 

I’d love reading!!! Romance novel is the best!! but, Manga and Manhwa is the best too!! ^____^

country that wants me to go:


that’s enough ’bout me.. ^_____^

gomen ne..

if there’s some mistakes or something that make you bad..

Douzo Yoroshiku!!  

with love, Rurii~


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