はい~ ~

I want to tell about my NEW HIGH SCHOOL!! ^____^

I’m very happy can accepted in there~

although, the facilities are not  better than my junior high school, but it’s okay for me

My named of my high school is:

SMA N 1 PAKEM.. or we usually call SMAPA. ^___^

this is it:

and then, we entered it..

my school has many championship trophies.. ^____^

I proud with that..

and let’s see the class..

actually, that’s not my class..

i don’t really know that my class or not.. kkekekek XP

and this is basketball court and volley ball court..


and let’s see other photos.. >__<


hm~~ i think that’s not enough..

( but, i don’t have any photos again,, T___T)

sometimes, i will tell my class :XA

^______^  can’t wait!!

Au Revoir~ ❤

Semoga hari kalian menyenangkan!! ^___^


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