GATH SONE: 3rd SNSD’s Anniversary

1st Augst 201o (yesterday)

I’m with my friends (ChoCho, Teukie, Anz, and Widy) went to gathering sone in PBN, behind Kridosono.

gathering sone is an event, where all SNSD (so Nyuh shi Dae) / Girls Generation fans gathered in one place. This event aims to celebrated SNSD’s debut , to get to know more about SNSD, and also familiar with others sone. ^____^

In this event, i was very excited~ coz, that’s my first time, i went to  an event like gath sone. 🙂 i was very happy!!! ^_______^ i want to came again, sometimes!!

Ups! I came late. so, i didn’t saw the commite danced with SNSD’s songs.

The first activity is introducing. ^___^

” Anyeong~ I’m *** (censored again XP) I came from Jogja. and my favorite members are Soo Young and Jessica. Kamsha Hamnida”

And Then, saw a video about SNSD’s debut. Or, we can call it “SNSD’s
Discrography, part 1

Then, there was a performance from sone (from Korea). they were 5 cute girls, and they danced wtih TaeKwonDo uniform. Hahahaha~ Funny!!!

SONE from Korea

this is it!! Yeoppeo !!


Kwiyeopta!! >///<

After That, There was some quiz about SNSD.
First question : When is Hyo Yeon birthday?? * ^o^ i forgot it!!*
Next Questions is guessed pictures. The commite showed some SNSD’s picture but, just their lips. And, the audiance could answered it.

Oh, there was cutted cake from SNSD!! Coz this event to celebrate SNSD’s 3rd debut. SNSD Hwaiting!!!

Then, we saw SNSD’s Discrography part 2 again. With ate we lunch (from The commite)

And, after lunch and saw video, there was Dance Competitions.
5 contestant (mee too. ><) and we danced SNSD’s songs Reff part.
And, guessed who is he winner?? It’s me.. hahahahahaha
I’m very happy, shy, and pround coz of that!!
There was people from Korea too, scream my name when i danced.
* >/////< kamsha hamnida *

Then, we danced together!! with the comite , and others Audience. ^____^ that’s very fun!!!

And The last..
All uf us, with the commite and others audience taked pictures.
The commite said: ” This video about this event will we send it to SM Entertainment, as SNSD’s fans from Jogjakarta, Indonesia. ”

Hahahahahahahaha.. SNSD!!! happy watched that video about us!!! I hope you love it!! >.<

We have some doorprize~ ~

Gath SONE’s bag:


SNSD’s Block Note:

Block Note OH!!!

SNSD’s Post Card:  

CARD!! sooSica!!

and, Coz i won in dance competition, i have 1 poster SNSD in SPAO CF:


from Gath Sone jogja! gomawoyo!!


My group, with all of member: MOTION!!

Huwaaaaa~~ SAranghaeyo SNSD!!
Jigeumeun So Nyuh Shi Dae
Apperodo So Nyuh Shi Dae
Yongwonhi So Nyuh Shi Dae!!

So Nyuh Shi Dae.. HWAITIIIIING!!!

So Nyuh Shi Dae~ Hwaiting!!


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