10th August – 12nd August 2010~

We should have 3 Days holiday~ BUT WE DIDN’T DID THAT!!

                Me and some my friends, went to school ( although it was a holidays ) to decorated our class. First, we made a wall magazine. And GOOD JOB!! Our wall magazine has finished in 10th August. We were very happy, coz for made a wall magazine (just one wall magazine) need a power extra and ‘kesabaran tinggi’.

Redaksi Mading T.A.C


We worked hard in Kiikii’s home ( in Sunday )


let's work!!

wow!! Recno is cool!! ❤

And, second day, we finished our little part in our decorated. >.< just a little. We just finished “ Jadwal Pelajaran, Jadwal Piket, Jadwal Pengurus Kelas, etc” just like that.

                And last day, We finished our decorated!! YAAAY!!! Just 7 student! Just 7!! GREAT!! Ang then, we finished at 2 o’clock.

And, Do you know, how is so dirty my class?? So cleaaann!!! >/////<

so dirty!!

 And others photo when we started to decorated our class..

work together

Ling-Ling~ chief editor of wall magazine T.A.C

In 3 days ago, we went to school at 8 o’clock and went to home at 3 o’clock. So dramatic!! So tireeed~!! I wont to go to slept!!


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