13rd Augst 2010 BIRTHDAY CEREMONY!! and Recitation and ‘Buka bersama’!!


               At 7 o’clock, all student and the teachers, did a ceremony for SMAPA birthday. I didn’t knew what is the ceremony talked about. Coz, I get a ill. I was very tireed!!! And when I wa in UKS, I really wont to slept, but I didn’t do it. >.<

                I wasn’t many story than I wont to told you~!! Coz there weren’t pictures.. >.<

                And, at 15.30, we must go back to school and did ‘pengajian’ and ‘buka bersama’. (Sorry, I don’t know in Indonesian >.< ) . Hahahaha~ actually, we should not taked a picture, but, I did it.. hehe

started recitation!


When, all of us, sang SMAPA’s song!

hehe~ SMAPA!!


When, all of us have a question “ Siapa yang kemarin shalat 5 waktu? “

i am!!


Hahahahaha~ ~ Pround! Pround!!

And this is my menu for “ buka Bersama”

Seem like  delicious? YES!!!





And, I have many TTD from my new friends in High SCHOOL!

(Atuwl, Ebba, Kiikii, Valent, Ling-Ling, Lilik, Tita and .. MEE!! )





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