9 August 2010 = PENSI SMAPA!! Wonderful but. . .


Okay, My school birthday is in 13rd August. But, it has a fast month, so, my school did a pensi before fast month. PENSI is from Pentas Seni. In English maybe we can say it: Concert. But, it don’t show a band from Jakarta (Of course NOT), the student show their creativities, as showed one or two Pentas. ^__^

My class showed Musicalisation of Poetry. This is it!!

From my class!! ^___^

From left: Tegar (Perkusi), Valent (Pianika), Selin (Vocal), Athoel (read the poetry) and ,

Imam (Guitar),

                They did a spectacular show (I think) and have many applause. Good JOB friend!! ^____^ and then, others class showed their Pentas. There are Band, Traditional dance ( Java dance and Bali dance!!), eksambel, singing, and many more ( I didn’t saw till end )

great performance!!

                But, when clock in 11 p.m. ,  antusiastion of student down. Some student go to their class and talked with their friends. Some student went to their home. And The teacher didn’t watched PENSI anymore, they were busy in office. I don’t really know what is their doing in there. Not my problem. ^__^

                My friend, Ebba went to her home too. Coz they have to gemput her father from Madiun.

              and Then,  there is many pictures when I was in PENSI. Unfornetenly, I wasn’t showed my dance in there. Of course NOT, I’m too shy!! >/////< And so, I just watched the PENSI till I wont to go to home. XP

               Oh! Coz of this event, SAMMY LOVERS was born!! Hahahahaha~ this is the picture when Sammy played his guitar and bass, hahahahaha~ So cool!!

He is Sammy!! hahaha~!!

And in the same time when SAMMY LOVERS, born too SAMMY HATERS! Hahahahaha~ that was me. Calm down! Calm down! I wasn’t hate him, I just joked!! Hahaha~ and He were not thought that seriously. Hehehe~

Just like that, PENSI in my school too bad, huh? Yes! I think like that you. But, SMAPA is the BEST!!

haha~ photo by Ebba


by Rurii


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