My Birthday~ 19th August 2010!!

My Birthday~ ~

In my class, Tita (my best friend since primary school) have a fuck plan! She and other friends started to stay away from me in class. So annoying!! And then, when TIK lesson, i also a victim of Mr.Sigiit!! Grrr~

But, in last bell, My friends started to sang ” birthday” song. I want to cried!! I hugged my friends and said thanks, very thanks to them. ^_____^

Big thanks to you, My Friends!! Loveeeee YOU!!! Loveee T.A.C!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

And, at 15.30..

I met munstaa in Taman Kuliner. We have to “buka bersama’~!! ^___^

I was very happy, could met their again!! MUNSTAAA I miss U all!!! >.<

They looked different!! More beauty, more cute~ more Thin!! More..more..more..funny!! ❤ ❤ ❤

This is the photo~ :

Munstaa High School!!

munstaa at night!

MUNSTAAA!!! Hope we will meet again soon!!! >.<


Munstaa 영원히~!! 난 네가 내 친구를 사랑 해요!!!

お友達!我々は再び会う!~!! すきよ !! ずっと!!

Vous me manquez les gars!~!! ont un grand jour, tous mes amis!!!


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