Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah!!!!

I accepted in English Debate Extracuricullar~!! ❤ I’m really happy!!!  I have did my best, and i get my best too!!!! Alhamdulillah~!!!

Okay, Today My day is so Weird!!

First, is Javanese lesson.. we (xA) have a task! Made a geguritan! OH!! GREAT!! Geguritan is poetry in Javanese. And you should know, We should used formal languages..

WHAT!? Formal Languages in Javanesee~ ~ Oh myy~ ~ And, finnaly, i didn’t  made it! My book still white and clean.. I’m a good Student, isn’t? hahahahaha

And, next.. is Chemitrys lesson.. Hm, nothing special.. So, next!!

Biology lesson.. and TEST!!! Fortunately, i could answered it easyly.. 🙂 Of course, Coz i study hard that morning.. !! I should have 100 or high score!!

And Then, Mathemathic TEST!!! Danm it!!!!! i couldn’t answered it!!! Oh my GOD!! really!! That test is like a HELL!!! I’m sure i will get 3 or 4!! really!!! Trust me!! 😦

next, i really confused about matematics lesson, i didn’t have spirit for life till i saw HIM!!!

HUWAAAAAAA~ ~ Kakkoi~!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤  someday i will tell you in here.. but, someday.. 🙂

My power is full!!!!! and then, i got good news again! I accepted in English Debate! 🙂 Really!!! My heart is full of happiness!!!!! >.< ^________^ I want to hug.. ..  e.. Hug my friends!!! I really happy!!!!!! >.<

Huwaaaaaaaa~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Since now, I will increase and more practicing my english!!! !!! !!! I will!!! Someday, I’ll can speake english fluently, Japanese, Korean and French too..!!!!!!!



Happy Fasting day~! 🙂

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