Debate Task: This House Would Legalize Prostitution


Some people think that Prostitution is disgracefully. But, if we look from other prespective, Prostitution is also have some benefit. Like a, reduce unemployment, and increase state revenues.

In Indonesia we have two prespective about Prostitution. Who approves and who doesn’t. To which doesn’t approved, is usually because of prevailing norm. Whether is a religious norm, social norm, and other norms.

They still believe that prostitution was a shameful thing to pin down. It’s different now that even teenangers have felt the sex early.

But,  still many people who approve of prostitution. Althought, they doesn’t showing that. In the Fact, we have a lot of clubbing, and other place that have that facilities. Every night that place is always of sex workers and interested persons. This is indicates that, people in Indonesia have a high sexuality. Same as  American, Japanese, Chinese, and others.

So, Should our country to legalize prostitution?

Back to the beginning, Prostitution is not disgracefully anymore. If our country legalize prostitution, Likely that this could attract many tourists. And of course, Prostitution business must pay taxes to the state.  This could increase state revenues.

I believe that Prosttution is not a worse job. But, just how we live it and use it.

( – )

Indonesia is known because of  The culture. So, if prostitution legalized, sooner or later, our culture will be disappear. If culture is gone, What country we have more?? We only have people who behave badly.

If we look from different prespective, Prostitution can reduce unemployment and increase state revenues. But. . .

Reduce unemployment by that job ? ? I really disagree about that!

Prostitution is prohibited by Religious values. According to  religious, prostitution doesn’t deserve, because they don’t appreciate the honor of woman. And also, in religion was to determine how woman should behave, dress, and others.

Many losses faced by sex workers o the job, like isolated, not appreciate, got a lot bully, and many more.

And then, Prostitution can increase state revenues.

I think that, Indonesia has a lot of objects to be able to increase state revenues. Like in make a crafts. Because we have many culture, that’s very easy to create some crafts with the symbol of our country or culture.

I believe , although Prostitutes profitable, but we better stay away. We can find other activities with positive attitude.

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