i think, maybe this is THE GOOD TIME, to tell you about ‘him’. .

* blush hardly~ >////<* (Rurii calm down!)

         His named is *****. I call him like that. 🙂 And you have to know that, i’m not closer with him. Even He don’t know me. So sad, isn’t?

Well, i will tell it by first till now.. :)) please enjoying my little love story. .

  First, i amazed with his voice when he started to adzan. I met him in MOS events (we like to call that, religious event). Really, I love his voice! Very melodic and beautiful! >.<  that’s make me melted!!

Unfortunately, i just saw his back. I didn’t know like what his face, and i didn’t know anything about him ( ididn’t know his name!! baka na Onna~!! ). I just know. . . . .

i fallin love with his voice!!

Day by day.. i asked my friend about -The student in here, who have a good voice when adzan-. And, my friend knew him! Lucky!! 

saat aku melihatnya, pandanganku benar-benar tidak bisa beralih ke tempat lain.

I couldn’t.. really!! i couldn’t stop watched over him! >.<

Kakkoi ne~!! (i think)

He is short (but, still higher that me),

His hair is long (to boys size, but i don’t really care about that)

i can’t describ him for detail! I too shy to remmember him in my mind~!!


Next, I’m in behind him when i have to go to -Buka Bersama- in school. He weared a white koko.  Kakkoi~>.<

Aku benar-benar merasa konyol dengan semua yang kurasakan ini!

*Blushed~!! *

And next, in -Pesatren Kilat ramadhan-. i always watched him! I don’t care what people said!! But. . . .

Actually, he have a many fan, and they were prettier than me. I felt not confident. . i started to wanna cry.

When, he adzan.. .

his voice is like a magic for me.

Aku tersihir untuk beberapa waktu. .

tidak bisa beralih darinya. .  aku benar-benar sudah tersihir dengan kuat!


and, the sad’s part is. . .  2 weeks without him. .

i don’t know what should i say. .