Chat in OMEGLE.. again

well,in this week, i met many interesting people in Omegle.. Hahahahaha.. And, last night, i chat with USA man. Bo, he was not porn, like others. He was fun. Hahaha.. well, in the first he made me angry coz, He told that i’m not speak the true. Huh!! And then, he told me about his love ( oh, mybe , hm.. we can call it, like that)

And the, he advice me, he told me i’m not mature (of course, i’m childish), and many more. He gave me some weird words in English. I mean, synonym. but, taht’s a hard word. Trust me. XP ( my english is not good, so i don’t know what’s that mean)

and, there is our Weird Chat:

Stranger: hi
Stranger: asl?
You: okay, why people in omegle ask asl first? are you an Indian?
Stranger: nope
You: oh..
You: well, i’m here for chat only, so, i think my asl is not important
Stranger: may be
Stranger: ur right
You: hahaha.. of course. xP
You: what are you doing in omegle?
Stranger: but ur indian
You: no, i’m not.
Stranger: dont lie to me.
You: really! i’m not Indian. Indian people is always ask asl first, but i’m not!!
Stranger: i dont need no explanation.
Stranger: just listen
You: okay.
Stranger: u have two choices
Stranger: first
Stranger: tell ur asl
Stranger: or speak true.
Stranger: third
Stranger: u can leave.
You: you said i have 2 choices. not 3
Stranger: it was not funny.
Stranger: at all.
You: i’ll speak the true. I don’t want tell you about my asl
You: you can go, if you want
You: yeah! that’s not funny
You: what do you want?
Stranger: just to talk
Stranger: someone weird
Stranger: and some stranger who can dare to speak true
You: someone weird..
You: ??
You: hey, i told you, i’m not Indian. that’s true
Stranger: ur taking time
Stranger: lets make this interesting
You: okay.
Stranger: just answer
Stranger: as true or false
Stranger: i am asking u the questions
Stranger: are u nri?
You: hm.. got it. but, not weird questions
You: nri? what’s that?
Stranger: u hate indians?
You: hm.. not really.
You: why? are you Indian?
Stranger: just answer as teue or false
Stranger: true or false
Stranger: no
Stranger: i am not
Stranger: but
You: false. butm not really..
You: *but
You: but what?
Stranger: bt the way ur talking
Stranger: it seems u hate indians
You: no.. not really, i said.
Stranger: ur girl right.
You: true. then what? what will you do?
Stranger: u will be glad  to know
Stranger: i have great sixth sense
Stranger: anyways
Stranger: u have a BF?
You: okay, wow. amazed, next questions..
You: no
Stranger: u broked up?
You: no
Stranger: u never had BF?
You: yes. well, i think that’s not important in my life.
Stranger: any person who hurted u the most in ur life?
You: well, are you really have sixth sense??
Stranger: kind of
Stranger: 78 pecent
Stranger: percent
You: oh.
You: yeah, there’s 1 guy. but, not important now
Stranger: thats nice.
You: nice of what??  okay, whatever
Stranger: it was nice that someone hurted u.
Stranger: because
You: what? coz of what?
Stranger: u will know the true meaning of being loved by someone now.
You: h m. . ..
You: …..
You: yeah, i know
Stranger: ur age is above 15?
You: how about you?
You: i mean, someone hurted you too?
Stranger: i get angry very easily
You: why?
Stranger: i can do anything at that momment
Stranger: slapping someone
Stranger: leaving a girl
Stranger: despite
Stranger: how much i love her
Stranger: it dont matter to me
Stranger: when i get angry.
You: you must control your emotions
Stranger: most of the time
You: yeah..
Stranger: i make right decisions
Stranger: so i am accurate.
You: what’s that?
You: hello??
Stranger: its
Stranger: like
Stranger: someone who is precise
Stranger: most dearest wish of ur life?
You: hm..
You: so, how are you today?
Stranger: little bit angry.
Stranger: on someone.
You: someone? who? your gf?
Stranger: kind of
You: oh.. why?
Stranger: i feel she is arrogant
Stranger: of something
Stranger: that she is not having
Stranger: lol.
You: hm.. arrogant girl 😦
You: hey, i met Indian in omegle. and he ask asl first. huh!
Stranger: are u over 15?
You: no.. why?
You: haha.. he (Indian people) disconnected me. xP lol hhahhahha
Stranger: i was testing my sixth sense.
You: hm.. no.
Stranger: i was ri ght aboutr u.
Stranger: i was rigt about u.
You: actually yes. 15 over 2 months
Stranger: ok
You: you? i have said my age, you?
Stranger: 5 yr older than u.
You: aahh.. i see
Stranger: ur not from us or uk.
You: are you really hve sixth sense? and then, can you guess it, where i come from?
You: how do you can guess, i’m not from us or uk?
Stranger: eifst answer
Stranger: first answer
Stranger: ur not from us or uk?
You: why you think i;m not from us or uk? tell me, i wanna know. don’t answer coz your sixth sense
Stranger: well
Stranger: i  was not aware of this fact before i was 18
Stranger: but after that i came to know i have sixth sense.
You: okay.. so, why?
Stranger: its a ssecret
Stranger: secret
Stranger: sorry.
You: come on,  you can tell your secret with stranger.
Stranger: concubines
You: concubines?
Stranger: tihs is the secret.
Stranger: this is the secret.
You: what’s that?
You: concubines..
Stranger: after our conversation
Stranger: search that.
You: i’ll search now. xP i’m curious
Stranger: nope
Stranger: it will be a disaster
You: you mean, if i search concubines now, it can be a disaster?
Stranger: yup
You: why?
Stranger: it can create problems for u.
You: problems? like what?
Stranger: why ur so curious
Stranger: ?
Stranger: and why u want to know/
You: hm.. i don’t know.. i just curious.. i just wondering.. i have many questions in my mind.
Stranger: just like a immature girl
You: i want to know coz you tell me something that i don’t know. so, i want to know what’s that
You: immature girl? you mean? I am?
Stranger: ur not above 18
Stranger: so ur immature
Stranger: i guess.
You: hey, i hace to said my age. i’m not 18 and i’m not above 18
You: *have
Stranger: ok no hurry.
Stranger: i wil tell u its meaning.
Stranger: little girl
You: okay.. *calm down
Stranger: but
Stranger: after we end
Stranger: worst moment of ur life?
You: what do you mean? what will you do?
You: hey?
Stranger: nothing
Stranger: i wil do nohing
Stranger: ur stranger to me
Stranger: i cant do anything
You: so, what do you mean about : after we end, worst moment of ur life?

You: u make me litle scared
You: *little
Stranger: i dont mean that
Stranger: i was just asking about ut worst moment of ur life.
Stranger: and i will tell u my secret after we ened
Stranger: end
Stranger: our conversation.
Stranger: tenuous
You: tenuous, what’s that?
Stranger: new word
You: yes!
You: and my me curious again
You: *make me
You: okay, my worst moment is. . . . . . . . . . ….. hm..
You: *thinking hard
You: when my friends get angry with me for a long time. She hate me, and she ask to her friends to bully me.
You: and then, your secret..
Stranger: dump ur friends
Stranger: u will feel nice.
You: okay, tell me your secret
Stranger: predilection
You: hah? predilection? tht’s ur secret? i mean, your secret about your sixth sense. is taht true?
You: *that
Stranger: nope
Stranger: new word
Stranger: lol
You: okaaaay, and then ur secret. Are you an English teacher?
Stranger: nope
Stranger: intrigue.
You: new word again?
You: why you did these thing?
Stranger: yup
Stranger: to make u curious
Stranger: to make u feel that there is something that u dont know.
You: hey, i’m more curious about your secret…
You: okay.. i don’t know.
You: but, i can find the answer in dictionary. 😛
Stranger: eloquent
Stranger: thats nice.
You: what’s that agaiin???
Stranger: new word
You: okay, you’re right, there’s something that i don’t know. And so? i’m still (my age) and i still can learn a lot of things.
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: ur right
Stranger: it will be nice if u learn them.
You: hm.. okay.
You: why you did these things to me?
Stranger: idk
Stranger: just for fun.
You: what??
You: okay, tell me your secret
Stranger: tavern
Stranger: listen girl
Stranger: i am going
You: okay
Stranger: bye
You: that’s not faiiiiir
You: ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stranger: translate that girl in google.
Stranger: bye.
You: bye. Mr. sixth sense
Stranger: i am fair enough to u.
Stranger: translate
You: okay okay okay…
You: for me that’s not fair
You: =______=
Stranger: concubines
You: alright alright..
You: you think that’s fun?
Stranger: anything wrong?
You: no.. i just asked you, you think aur chat is fun, or not?
You: *our
Stranger: i find our chat interesting
You: haha.. interesting and weird
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: hope u remain happy for rest of ur life.
You: thanks for the advice
You: hey, where are you from?
Stranger: usa
Stranger: NY
You: oh.. well, nice to meet you. really nice to chat with you. 😀
You: bye.. :DD
You have disconnected.

NB: Keliatan banget disini, mana yang dewasa dan mana yang kekanak-kanakan. >_____< Hahahahaha~ nyeblin sih, bilang aku bo’ong lagi! Egk yaa~!! Gr.. hhahhahha.. malah bikin aku penasaran mulu lagi. sinting nih orang. Depresi mungkin. wkwkwkwkwk~ :DD xDDD


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