Sumpaaaaaah~!!!! nyebelin banaget nih orang! pengen ku rebus!!!!!! Som pinter bgt! padahal aku kira baik! huh!!!! nih chat nya yang SOK pinter bgt!!

You: betein bgt sih!!!!! ( ceritanya mau curhat )
di kira yang sibuk cuma dia apa?!
udah bikin aku gak enak ama kakak-kakak itu..
masih aja, marah-marah cuma gara-gara hal sepele!!!!!
beteeee beteeeee~!!!!!
Stranger: hi
Stranger: um again in english please ( pengen tau mungkin dia. hhe )
You: hm..
You: okay, i’ll try
You: the point is, i hate her, coz she is so selfish!
Stranger: ok
You: she angry with me, just coz a little thing. ( NOT IMPORTANT thing )
Stranger: tell me plz
You: what? i have just tell you
You: about her
Stranger: tell me about the unimportent thing plz
Stranger: heres my email shamer
You: no, i’ll tell it right now
Stranger: ok
You: okay, she said ” Thanks” to me. But, i don’t know, whty she said that. So, i ask her “why?” and then, she get angry.. huh!! T__T
You: *why
Stranger: oh im so happy for her you dont deserve a girl like thta you deserve a girl like me wants some pics of me (gak nyambung kan??!)
You: hah? gak nyambung bgt sih!! why you happy for her? she’s so selfish!!! i really mad with her!! D:
You: hey, i’m a girl too. and she’s my friends. i guess you think i;m a guy, and her is my gf. right?
Stranger: your a biotch i hate you 
You: biotch? what’s that?
You: why you hate me> you don’t know i am
You: ?
Stranger: your an idiot how old r u (ngatain gw idiot, jak gelut tenan!! )
You: wht?? idiot? why you call me like that?
You: i’m 15. you?
Stranger: because your stupid and were r u from
You: what?? oh, great!!
Stranger: your stupider then my my friend and that is stupid i meen really stupid (masih ngejek gw idipt bgt lagi!! sial sial!!)
You: you don’t know i am. so, you can’t call me stupid like that
You: i don’t really care about your stupid friend
Stranger: i know your stupid because you dont know many words and because you take things to seriosly (ngomentarin inggris gw yg pas-pasan!!)
You: what? okay, mybe my english is not good. so, is that problem?
Stranger: and you speak jiberish and i know what you said was not a real language ma two shoes (tau deh, ngomong apa dia =__= )
You: whatever deh, mybe you don’t know my language.
Stranger: deh great english punk and tell me what language is that if its real
You: Indonesian. i’m sure, you don’t know that!!
Stranger: of couse i do you idiot its below the pilipeens
You: oh. good news. HEY!! stop calling me idiots! i’m not idiots!
Stranger: phillippens
Stranger: your so stupid idiots is plural your one persone
You: Aish, terserah lah! whatever you say
Stranger: tu es un idiota porque to es estupido (pameeeer!!!!!)
You: you can speak french?
Stranger: oui
Stranger: but i bet you cant (ngejek lagi!!)
Stranger: idiot thats your new nickname (makasih deh!!! sialan ni orang)
You: so, you’re from france?
Stranger: no im from venezuela america ireland scotland and england tell me were all of those places r
Stranger: you are looking it up (ih, sorry, deh, gak penting!!)
You: no
Stranger: then whats taking you so long
You: coz, i hate you.
Stranger: then tell me were r they loser
You: ih, kamu tau gak sih, i’m sad now coz my friend. and then you called me idiot..  (curahan hati saya, sempet mau nangis tau!)
You: jahat!!!
Stranger: well good im happy so were r they
Stranger: you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo looking it up
You: are you understand what u am talking about? i’m sure you don’t
Stranger: cheater (ngatain gw penipu skrg?! maunya apa e?!)
You: what????
You: okay, now you call me cheater!!!!!
Stranger: well im sure you dont understand your a biotch yo es espanol y yo no me gusta to idiota
Stranger: cheater
Stranger: your sooooooooooooooooo not 15 (ngapain gw bo’ong?! gak guna)
You: why you call me cheater? i’m not cheater!! what?! i’m 15!!!!!!!!
Stranger: sure cheater
Stranger: leave!!!!!!!! (ngusir, tapi gak disconnect, PAYAH!)
You: you can disconnect me if you want. why you don’t disconnect me?
Stranger: why dont i no coz i like insulting you butt face (ngejek lagi!)
Stranger: disconect yourself (nyuruh lagi, ogah!!)
You: evil!!!!!!
You: huh!!!
Stranger: im not evil i just tell the truth bwhahaha

Tau deh ni orang, sarap bgt!!!! gak jelas!!! Udah lugu aku mau curhat, eh, malah di buat mainan!!! maleeeees bgt!!!!!!!

>___________< chat paling bikin kesel!!!


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