The Curly George.

This is conversation between George and his friend, Ted about George’s new girlfriend.

One day, in basketball field.

(George can’t stop smiling, Ted, who in besides him looked at him, and said…
Ted :what’s so funny?
George : nevermind, I was just thinking about my new girlfriend..
Ted : well,well,well, so my little friend, George has a girlfriend now. Is she hot?
George : You bet!
Ted : C’mon George, Tell me about he. I’m curios..
George : Uhm.. her name is Lizzy. She is slim, not too tall, not too short. Shi’s got beautiful wavy hair. It’s cut short                                                                                 which makes her look so cute. She’s as beautiful as a yellow rose. Her smile is as                                                                                   sweet as a red rose..and…
Ted : Good for you George! But, what about her personality?
George : She has a pleasant manner. she’s always there for me. She’s..wait I’ve got her picture right here in my wallet.

(George show him his picture of his girlfriend..and..



my comment: Wkwkwkwkwk so funny!! xDD


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