Proudly Present.. :)

Hi guys.. I’m Ruriimatsuii, of course that’s my fake name. I’m not from Japan, anyway. Don’t judge me that I’m Japanese or else, just bcoz my name is Rurii Matsuii. It sounds very Japanese, isn’t?  well, I’m not English too. I’m from a beautiful place ever with many beautiful and unique Islanda, and culturea. I was born and grow up in there.

I think, I don’t need to mention that place. y’ll know it by urself. I use my 1st language on here. hehe

I think, I’m just a simple girl, cool, quite lazy, and love things that people in around me don’t like those things. (complicated phrase ==’), Some stranger people say that, I’m kind, sweet, cute, smart, modest, mature, haha IMPOSSIBLE.!! xDD in the fact, I guess, I’m childish dan noisy. and not too smart. ==’ (I wanna be smart)

I love watching movies, especially horror movies, I guess. But, sometimes it depends what kinda mood I am. Y’ll find many things about movies on here. Don’t expect i’ll write it in English, Hahaha. Haha, y know, using your own language is more easier that others.  Y’ll also find many lyrics on here, western, K-pop, J-pop or French songs, coz I’d LOVE listening music (songs). ^___^

I’d love to ONLINE everyday in my Dad’s Laptop. P.S My computer broken and no one fixed it. haha. I usually open my account on facebook (of course!), Livemocha (The way I know more French and other languages), THIS pretty BLOG. haha, and KASKUS (the Largest Indonesian Community EVER!!), and also, sometimes, I need to talk with people. Did I already said, I’m a talktive girl? So, I use Omegle for chatting with stranger.

🙂 🙂 🙂

well, I love reading books. My favorite books now is Languages book (My French Book!! >.<) and Dictionary , I think. But, I won’t stop reading a comics and novel. My favorite AUTHORS are Jacqueline Wilson , Andrea Hirata, and also Ilana Tan. I also LOVE dancing, talking (of course), Eating, and Slepping. hahaha.

At the 1st I said, I love thing that people in a round me don’t love those things. Here’s the examples:

I like Asian’s song, especially, K-pop and J-pop (Anime songs). but, most my friend love original songs from my country -I don’t know about it well, seriously!- then.. I love watching hollywood’s movies better than my country’s movies, but most my friend don’t.

Sounds like I hate my country, right? but, that’s WRONG!! I really love my country! I love my 1st language. I love and proud coz we have so many beautiful things that can’t be found in other places. And I wanna be the part what should we say it? hm.. a heroes, mybe. I want a big counrties, like USA, Englangd Germany, Russian, etc..know the FACT that My country has a cleaver, smarter, a GENIUS people. That’s why I learn French, (except coz I love it), and English.  and one DAY, I’ll be in Europe or USA, make my country proud with me.

Yeah!! I can do that!! HWAITING!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

well, it was going to out of topic, right?  hehehe

The benefits from this BLOG are.. * amusing you, I’d hope * Inform you about some movies, songs, etc.. * Helping you, mybe, and..


this blog is gonna be my second home.. I guess..

🙂 🙂 🙂