Verbal and Nominal sentences.

dalam bahasa Inggris, selain dibedakan menjadi kalimat aktif dan kalimat pasif, dapat dibedakan menjadi kalimat verbal dan kalimat nominal.

1. Kalimat Verbal (Verbal sentence)
adalah sebuah kalimat dengan verb (kata kerja) sebagai predikatnya. Pada kalima positif, negatif, dan tanya, verb diganti dengan do/does/did.
Simple Present Tense.                                             Past Simple
(+) She climbs that tree.                      (+) I woke up very early yesterday
(-) She doesn’t climb that tree.         (-) I didn’t wake up very early yeasterday
(?) Does she climb that tree?             (?) Did you wake up very early yesterday?

2. Kalimat nominal (Nominal sentence)
adalah sebuah kalimat yang predikatnya tidak menggunakan VERB tetapi memakai Aux verb (kata kerja bantu), seperti:
a. To be (is,am,are,was,were)
b. modals
will    would
can    could
shall    should            MODALS + Verb base
may    might
must    ought to
have to    had to
ex modals:
(+) I can draw a manga                                             active: I can make a wedding cake for you
(-) I can not (can’t) draw a manga               passive: A wedding cake can be made for you by me.
(?) Can you draw a manga?

another ex:
-shall we?          – We must go to school now.
-should I?         – I have to eat some food.
-should you?          – He has to finish his homework.

c. To have ( have/has/had)
ex (have/has/had):
-I’ve read that book
-I’ve never been to France
-She has been standing there for 2 hours.



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