What am I doing ?!

Heeeey!! What am I doing?? Tomorrow is mid test, but I haven’t touched my biology or Indonesian books yet! What the..!! How could I probably answer the question!! Ohhh…. ==’ Well, I really wanna study now, BUT hey!! My dad asked me to help my mom to severing a cup of tea (mybe) for the guests. Yeah, We have a , what’s in English, “ARISAN” ?! o.o  what the..!


OMG!! MID TEST will be coming soon!

You know what? Tomorrow, I’ll do the mid semester test. Oh GOD!! = =’ I’m feeling like , yesterday was my first day in school , after our short holiday. But, SUDDENLY tomorrow is mid semester test.

The good thing is, the mid test will full of ESSAY questions. Have I ever said that I prefer like essay than “PILIHAN GANDA” ?? = =’

And, the great thing is.. my mid test schedule has gone for a few days before test. I don’t know where is it. My friend ever said..

She: Hey, where’s your mid test schedule?

Me : Oh, It is adventuring to Alaska, I guess.

She: you lost it! Ok, same here. 😛

WHAT THE.. = =’ the point is, I’m not the only one who lost my schedule. My friends did it too. Hahaha.. soooo pathetic! 😀 😀

Well, I’m just wanna say, GOOD LUCK for me and for ALL MY FRIENDS who will do the test tomorrow. Don’t study too hard! Your brain needs rsome rest too. Wkwk.. xD

For T.A.C

Let’s get the highest score anymore from all the subjects. I know, we can do it! Let’s make it, We gonna make it, We can make it!! 😀 😀 😀


Well, I spent my Saturday night with my best friends at Kikik’s house. Yeah, We kinda had a nicest sleep over that we didn’t plan it. The real plan is, I and Nisho just wanna give a Surprise birthday party (Maybe, we can’t call it party, coz it’s just simple surprise)  to Kikik. Hahaha, we’re so pathetic, I think. Kikik’s Birthday is on  February 7th , but We  gave her Surprise Birthday yesterday, February 26th. That’s too LATE!! But, She respects us, and said “thank you” millions times. Well, I think, we did it!! 😀 😀  yeaaaaaaaaah….!!

And then, because it was rainy and too late to back to the Nisho’s house, so, we decided to sleep over at Kikik’s house. Yeah, that’s kinda fuuuuuuuuun!!  Mybe, I’ve slept in Nisho’s house millions times, but, in Kikik’s house, wow, THIS IS MY 1st time!!

We really enjoyed spent in her house. We ate the cake, opened the famous blog and then mesmerized, Next, Nisho had a sleep first. She’d better to sleep, coz, She has many activities tomorrow. She’s kinda a busy one. And then, I and Kikik still talked about anything.

The one of our topic is…. GAY. Hahaha.. Unbelievable, she has a yaoi’s anime. She was forbidden me to watch it, but I’m insist. Haha.. She won’t let me watch it on her “lepi”. Alright, now, it’s in my eksternal hardisk now. Haha I’ll watch it later.

Next, we were talking, talking, and talking. 3 o’clock AM, we felt little sleepy. That’s good. So, we decided to sleep. After it, I took some photos when Nisho had slept. hahaha.. Nisho’s sleepy face. I’ll never forget it. 😛 then, We slept.

We woke up at 6 o’clock. Nisho woke first. And, you know what, She took a photos when I and Kikik was sleeping.

“ I’ve got your dorky sleeping photos..!” She said.

“ I’ve got yours too! Hahaha right, Kik?” I answered.

“ Yeah!! Hahaha..” kikik agreed with me.

Then, I and Nisho back to our home. Nisho’s activities is start on 7 o’clock, She she must hurry. Good Luck NISHO!! And then, We were hugging and saying “See ya” millions times. Hahaha.. very nice Saturday night!! 😀