OMG!! MID TEST will be coming soon!

You know what? Tomorrow, I’ll do the mid semester test. Oh GOD!! = =’ I’m feeling like , yesterday was my first day in school , after our short holiday. But, SUDDENLY tomorrow is mid semester test.

The good thing is, the mid test will full of ESSAY questions. Have I ever said that I prefer like essay than “PILIHAN GANDA” ?? = =’

And, the great thing is.. my mid test schedule has gone for a few days before test. I don’t know where is it. My friend ever said..

She: Hey, where’s your mid test schedule?

Me : Oh, It is adventuring to Alaska, I guess.

She: you lost it! Ok, same here. 😛

WHAT THE.. = =’ the point is, I’m not the only one who lost my schedule. My friends did it too. Hahaha.. soooo pathetic! 😀 😀

Well, I’m just wanna say, GOOD LUCK for me and for ALL MY FRIENDS who will do the test tomorrow. Don’t study too hard! Your brain needs rsome rest too. Wkwk.. xD

For T.A.C

Let’s get the highest score anymore from all the subjects. I know, we can do it! Let’s make it, We gonna make it, We can make it!! 😀 😀 😀


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