Rain 12 September Lyric

I byeol apeseon
Eoneu nugudo
Dangdanghae jilsuga eobgejyo
Nado geuraejyo
Mameun jjijeo jigo
Ireur agmulgo daedaphaejyo

He eojijago
Ni maldaero nan handago
Naneun meotjige i byeore mal baeteojyo
Naboda joheun
Sarameul chajagarago
Geoteuron geureohke malhaejyo

Nan ulmyeo neoreul kidaryeo
Uri hamkke haetdeon nal
Chueok damgin geu chimdae wieseo geudaeneun
Bangmuneul yeolgo
Eogime obshi nal chaja ogejyo
Neon nae insaenge jeonbu nikka

Gieokhani neon
Gu wol shibil il geuddaereul
Pyeong saeng ijeulsu eobneun mareul haetjanha
Seorol mideumyeo
Shijageul haebojadeon mal
Nan geuddaereul ijeulsu eobseo

Nan ulmyeo neoreul kidaryeo
Geudae hwan han useumeul
Nan ajik do pyohyeon hajin mothaejiman
Jinshimeuro nan
Na egen geudae ppuniyeosseojyo
Sesang hanappunin naui neo

Dora oraneungeon aniya naneun
Neoneun jinjja haengbok haeyadwi
Niga na ddaemune
Heullin nunmuri
Naega seumeul jakku jeomyeowa
Haengbok hae

Nan ulmyeo yongseoreul bireo
Neoreul himdeulge hanil
Neukki geni nan ijeseoya babogateun
Ne mameul jeon hane
Deutgo ineun nege dashi mareul hae
Nan ajik do neoui namja ya

Saranghaesseo neoui
Modeun geol



Chronically = Kronis
Enfeebled = lemah
Opponent = lawan
Skimmed = Menyaring, Meluncurkan (bisa berarti seperti ‘melewatinya’)
Insolence = sikap sombong, penghinaan
Scum = sampah
Devastating = Menghancurkan
Glare = tatapan, melirik
Affrodable= terjangkau
Incorrigible = Tidak dapat diperbaharui (karena sudah yang terbaik, <mungkin maksudnya itu>)
Partake = ikut serta, mengambil bagian
Phase = tahap
Furious = kemarahan
Slag = logat/ ucapan populer
Creep = orang yang tidak disukai/penjilat
Defeat= mengalahkan/kekalahan
Harsh = kasar
Apparently = rupanya
Threshold = ambang, Permulaan
Statisfaction = Kepuasan hati
Pretebtious = Megah, mewah
Fickle = Plin=plan
Impulsive = Menuruti kata hati
Spontanious = secara spontan
Ruin = merusak
Exclamation = seruan/ tanda seru
Path = Jalan <??>
Evict = Mengusir
Approximately = Kira-kira
Putrid = Busuk
Alternative/Substitute = Pengganti
Acute = Akut
Crust = Kerak
Heartily = sungguh-sungguh
Rustic = pedesaan
Personage = Tokoh
Unseen = Gaib

taken from, Scott Pilgrim vs The World movie, and English course.

Verbal and Nominal sentences.

dalam bahasa Inggris, selain dibedakan menjadi kalimat aktif dan kalimat pasif, dapat dibedakan menjadi kalimat verbal dan kalimat nominal.

1. Kalimat Verbal (Verbal sentence)
adalah sebuah kalimat dengan verb (kata kerja) sebagai predikatnya. Pada kalima positif, negatif, dan tanya, verb diganti dengan do/does/did.
Simple Present Tense.                                             Past Simple
(+) She climbs that tree.                      (+) I woke up very early yesterday
(-) She doesn’t climb that tree.         (-) I didn’t wake up very early yeasterday
(?) Does she climb that tree?             (?) Did you wake up very early yesterday?

2. Kalimat nominal (Nominal sentence)
adalah sebuah kalimat yang predikatnya tidak menggunakan VERB tetapi memakai Aux verb (kata kerja bantu), seperti:
a. To be (is,am,are,was,were)
b. modals
will    would
can    could
shall    should            MODALS + Verb base
may    might
must    ought to
have to    had to
ex modals:
(+) I can draw a manga                                             active: I can make a wedding cake for you
(-) I can not (can’t) draw a manga               passive: A wedding cake can be made for you by me.
(?) Can you draw a manga?

another ex:
-shall we?          – We must go to school now.
-should I?         – I have to eat some food.
-should you?          – He has to finish his homework.

c. To have ( have/has/had)
ex (have/has/had):
-I’ve read that book
-I’ve never been to France
-She has been standing there for 2 hours.


well, this movie is tottaly awesome!! really jokes!

A Cabadian boy named Scott Pilgrim (23 years old) lived <forever> in Toronto and has a BAND named Sex Bom Omb. One day, He had a dream and in his dream, he saw a Girl with a Pink-purple hair. He feels like that dream is getting come true. And he’s right, Scott meet -a girl in his dream- in a Library and in a Party. Then he knows, her name is Ramona Flowers.

But, when he can go out with Ramona, trouble comes to him. If Scott wanna to keep his relationship with Ramona, He should defeat 7 evils exes (ramona’s ex boyfriends). Yeah, and you know what? Really!! the normal guy who Ramona dated with is SCOTT. Hahahahaha.. yeah. So, Scott fight them one by one, with A ridiculous way. 😛

This movie is kinda like a game, I guess. yeah, maybe people guess it too. So, you will never bored when you watch this movie. This movies is being one of my favorite movies. haha, yeah, the characters are so FUNNY! Especially, Wallace. He is Scott’s roomate, and He is GAY. hahaha..

There’s some funny conversation between Wallace and Scott like:

Scott: Wallace, so, that girl in my dream..

Wallace: Oh, girl, OK (he was drunk)

Scott: I saw her at the Library

Wallace: Library, ok. Can I pretend we’re talking about a guy? (LOL)

well, there’s too may LOL conversation on this movie. Check it out by yourself. haha. Soo… here’s the CAST!!


Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers ,

Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells ,

llen Wong as Knives Chau, (Scott’s ex girlfriend, before he meets Ramona)


The 7 evil exes:

Satya Bhabha as Matthew Patel, Ramona’s first evil ex who has mystical powers, such as fireballs, levitation, and the power to summon Demon Hipster Chicks at will.
Chris Evans as Lucas Lee, Ramona’s second evil ex and a “pretty good” skateboarder turned “pretty good” action movie star.
Brandon Routh as Todd Ingram, Ramona’s third evil ex who possesses psychic powers as a result of his vegan diet; also the bassist for The Clash at Demonhead and current boyfriend of Scott’s ex-girlfriend Envy Adams.
Mae Whitman as Roxanne “Roxy” Richter , Ramona’s fourth evil ex and only ex-girlfriend, a self-conscious lesbian half-ninja.
Shota Saito and Keita Saito as Kyle and Ken Katayanagi, Ramona’s fifth and sixth evil exes who are popular Japanese musicians and twins.
Jason Schwartzman as Gideon Gordon Graves, Ramona’s seventh evil ex, manager of the Chaos Theater, Sex Bob-Omb’s sponsor and evil mastermind behind the League of Evil Exes.


Can you imaging? You felt down from 4th floor, and you haven’t got hurt, or there’s no blood? hahaha..!! so freakin’ awesome!! 😀 😀

You have to watch this!! I bet.

Proudly Present.. :)

Hi guys.. I’m Ruriimatsuii, of course that’s my fake name. I’m not from Japan, anyway. Don’t judge me that I’m Japanese or else, just bcoz my name is Rurii Matsuii. It sounds very Japanese, isn’t?  well, I’m not English too. I’m from a beautiful place ever with many beautiful and unique Islanda, and culturea. I was born and grow up in there.

I think, I don’t need to mention that place. y’ll know it by urself. I use my 1st language on here. hehe

I think, I’m just a simple girl, cool, quite lazy, and love things that people in around me don’t like those things. (complicated phrase ==’), Some stranger people say that, I’m kind, sweet, cute, smart, modest, mature, haha IMPOSSIBLE.!! xDD in the fact, I guess, I’m childish dan noisy. and not too smart. ==’ (I wanna be smart)

I love watching movies, especially horror movies, I guess. But, sometimes it depends what kinda mood I am. Y’ll find many things about movies on here. Don’t expect i’ll write it in English, Hahaha. Haha, y know, using your own language is more easier that others.  Y’ll also find many lyrics on here, western, K-pop, J-pop or French songs, coz I’d LOVE listening music (songs). ^___^

I’d love to ONLINE everyday in my Dad’s Laptop. P.S My computer broken and no one fixed it. haha. I usually open my account on facebook (of course!), Livemocha (The way I know more French and other languages), THIS pretty BLOG. haha, and KASKUS (the Largest Indonesian Community EVER!!), and also, sometimes, I need to talk with people. Did I already said, I’m a talktive girl? So, I use Omegle for chatting with stranger.

🙂 🙂 🙂

well, I love reading books. My favorite books now is Languages book (My French Book!! >.<) and Dictionary , I think. But, I won’t stop reading a comics and novel. My favorite AUTHORS are Jacqueline Wilson , Andrea Hirata, and also Ilana Tan. I also LOVE dancing, talking (of course), Eating, and Slepping. hahaha.

At the 1st I said, I love thing that people in a round me don’t love those things. Here’s the examples:

I like Asian’s song, especially, K-pop and J-pop (Anime songs). but, most my friend love original songs from my country -I don’t know about it well, seriously!- then.. I love watching hollywood’s movies better than my country’s movies, but most my friend don’t.

Sounds like I hate my country, right? but, that’s WRONG!! I really love my country! I love my 1st language. I love and proud coz we have so many beautiful things that can’t be found in other places. And I wanna be the part of..hm.. what should we say it? hm.. a heroes, mybe. I want a big counrties, like USA, Englangd Germany, Russian, etc..know the FACT that My country has a cleaver, smarter, a GENIUS people. That’s why I learn French, (except coz I love it), and English.  and one DAY, I’ll be in Europe or USA, make my country proud with me.

Yeah!! I can do that!! HWAITING!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

well, it was going to out of topic, right?  hehehe

The benefits from this BLOG are.. * amusing you, I’d hope * Inform you about some movies, songs, etc.. * Helping you, mybe, and..


this blog is gonna be my second home.. I guess..

🙂 🙂 🙂