What do you know about Global Warming?

well, I know a little bit of global warming. The Global Warming is happening right now. We see that, our climate is getting extreme in a few days. For example , in the morning is very shinee day, but suddenly in the afternoon is rainy. Now, all of people in the world are thinking how to solve this problem. And, I think, we should limit our action which it can make worst the global warming itself. the last thing, I hope, with the green action can increase the problem of the global warming.

thank you

P.S what did I do? ==’ ain’t important again


1 Liter of TEARS by AYA KITO


FINALLY!!! I have this book!!! This is kinda destiny!! My bestfriend, ANIZ found it someday. Because her kindness and cuteness, She texted me.

“ udin, there’s 1 liter of tears novel here!”

I was screaming!! I called here, I was so exciting! I’m very happy till now! I can’t stop screaming on the phone. Aniz sounds like can’t bear it, and wanna put off the phone. Hahahaha.. then, She bought it for me. JUST for me!!


P.S of course I pay her for that book. = =’ am I dreaming if she bought it for me for free? Hahaha.. xDD xDD xDD

Alright prolog is ending. 😛

I’ve not finished read it yet. Hahaha.. just wanna share my happiness, coz I have this book!! Sorry, can’t upload my photo with this book <to prove it for you that I really really truly have it> mybe, I’ll post it later. Wkwkwk maybe. 😀



just wanna share some sun’s photo, taken by me. I’m not amature or profesional <of course> photographer. So, I  took this picture because I like it, and I want it. there’s other reason for that. just for fun! ^___^ I really love sunshine! especially Sunrise and Sunset, it is so awesomee!!

I’ll post other photos later…. >.<




I have no idea about fashion. I don’t know why this stuff can be named a casual, or preppy, or else. Yeah, I don’t know any type of style. Just know, punk, gothic, lollita, most I know is Harajuku style. I like searching many picture about Harajuku style, sometimes this style is getting worried.


But, I love designing clothes, dress, or costume. I’ve started to draw it when I was in elementary school. I drew it on all my book, mathematic book, science book, social book, hahaha.. it was a quite funny. I still have my old design, but now I think I lost it.


My friend <in Elementary school> always praising me about this gift.

They said..

“wow, cooool!!”

“you have a gift, this is so awesome”

“make me this thing, draw it for me?

“draw it for me, and I’ll pay you!”

< ok, the last sentence is very weird, but I really remember about it. I have some money from my friends because I sold my drawing> hahaha


Last time, I saw my old drawing, oh God! It’s totally weird. It’s uncool at all. Really?? Soooo baaaad. Yeah, I was 8 or 9 or 10 years old, so, It’s usual.

I really love drawing! Designing clothes, or just drawing a manga. I admit it, when I’ve started to draw, no one can bother me! If someone talk with me, I won’t listen it, and keep drawing. I feel like in other city, or galaxy, I can’t hear anything, and I just look at my paper, keep drawing.

Alright, prolog is ending. The point is, I just wanna share my drawing, and my look from LOOKLET. < I’d  love to mix match, but I did it random >

it’s a BOY

just one of my design.. ^__^


This is my latest look on LOOKLET:




so, what do y think??

Auf Wiederseheeeeenn..~!



I’ve just watched a Japan’s movie drama. Finally I’ve watched this movie. I’ve been waiting for a long time, <I make this thing so dramatic> This movie iiiissss…. “Taiyou no Uta” I know, i know, I’m going to make a review about old stuff again. Well, I think this movie is good, just like new stuff for me. hahaha


YUI as Amane Kaoru

Takashi Tsukamoto as Kouji Fujishiro

Kaoru Amane  just like the other girls. But, she doesn’t go to school since she was a child. She always stay at home. Her father, Ken Amane <Goro Kishitani>  never let her out from house. She should stay at home when the day. But, she can get out when the night. yeah, She’s judged by A doctor specialist, for her disease, Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP). She must stay away from the sun <the solar> because it can kill her.

then, she meets Kouji Fujishiro, A surfing boy who always through in front of Kaoru’s house. They are falling in love, but Kaoru’s disease is getting worst.


well, this is kinda sad movie, but I wasn’t crying. this is a romantic movie, but I don’t really know where’s it. But, this movies is good! YUI’s act was so amazing, and her voice was mesmerized me. 🙂 She is a really good  singer and a talented girl.


besides, I know the special characteristic of Japan’s movie drama. There’s silent scene on there. For example is, when the main character was feeling so alone and so sad, there’s no dialogue and back sound. Just, lonely..lonely..lonely… Then, the main character said something <whispering> , then crying. Naaah, at this time, the back sound is coming. And the silent scene  the end.

This movie, Taiyou no Uta, has many silent scene , and sometimes, it makes me bored, I felt this movie was boring , felt like this movie is so looooooong.

But, many good factor can make this movie is good, like the story is original, the original soundtrack is very cool, great mellow songs. And the Japan’s movie or dorama always has a great angle on their scene.

All of Japan’s movie drama that I’ve ever watched, always have the silent scene. Hahaha.. But, it’s different with “Dorama”. When a cry part, there’s back sounds, it makes this part is more sad, and touching heart. Oh God!

I really love that <GoodBye Days-YUI> song.. it’s touching deep inside of my heart, <alright, I’m going to make this thing so dramatic again> hahaha..

Au revoir~!!