I know, SHUTTER is very very very old horror movie from Thailand. But, believe it or not, I haven’t finished this movie yet. I’m too anxious to watch it again. >___< I don’t know why, hahaha.. First I watched when I was 9 years old, mybe. I was still a little girl, then, wow! I’ve not finished it. I ran to my mother’s room, and hiding. < that’s just a little embarrassing experience of me >

well, Thailand is the best maker of HORROR MOVIES! because I haven’t finished this movie, so I’m not clearly understand about the story. But, hey! I have many source from my friends. And you can search it on google too. I tried to memorize it, and I remmember a little thing about it. huh! I should watch SHUTTER again, and finish it till the END! haha..

The sroty begin from A photographer (man) is taking photo of High School graduate. Then, He see something unseen. yeah, a ghots, just like sadako, with the long black hair, white dress, very pale, and pathetic. the issue said, that girl was suicidal in her room. She did that, because she was raping by the men ( my friend said, the one of them is a photographer) in the elevator.

One thing, I remember about this movie is, That ghost is sitting on his shoulders, so he feels so heavy. He check on the hospital, but, there’s no something wrong. so, what’s going on there??? hahaha..

This movie has remake by American with the same title.

oh GOD, I’m looking for some picture of SHUTTER on google. <freakin’ scared>, this movie is totally awesome! it’s freakin’ me out! hahaha..


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