I have no idea about fashion. I don’t know why this stuff can be named a casual, or preppy, or else. Yeah, I don’t know any type of style. Just know, punk, gothic, lollita, most I know is Harajuku style. I like searching many picture about Harajuku style, sometimes this style is getting worried.


But, I love designing clothes, dress, or costume. I’ve started to draw it when I was in elementary school. I drew it on all my book, mathematic book, science book, social book, hahaha.. it was a quite funny. I still have my old design, but now I think I lost it.


My friend <in Elementary school> always praising me about this gift.

They said..

“wow, cooool!!”

“you have a gift, this is so awesome”

“make me this thing, draw it for me?

“draw it for me, and I’ll pay you!”

< ok, the last sentence is very weird, but I really remember about it. I have some money from my friends because I sold my drawing> hahaha


Last time, I saw my old drawing, oh God! It’s totally weird. It’s uncool at all. Really?? Soooo baaaad. Yeah, I was 8 or 9 or 10 years old, so, It’s usual.

I really love drawing! Designing clothes, or just drawing a manga. I admit it, when I’ve started to draw, no one can bother me! If someone talk with me, I won’t listen it, and keep drawing. I feel like in other city, or galaxy, I can’t hear anything, and I just look at my paper, keep drawing.

Alright, prolog is ending. The point is, I just wanna share my drawing, and my look from LOOKLET. < I’d  love to mix match, but I did it random >

it’s a BOY

just one of my design.. ^__^


This is my latest look on LOOKLET:




so, what do y think??

Auf Wiederseheeeeenn..~!



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