1 Liter of TEARS by AYA KITO


FINALLY!!! I have this book!!! This is kinda destiny!! My bestfriend, ANIZ found it someday. Because her kindness and cuteness, She texted me.

“ udin, there’s 1 liter of tears novel here!”

I was screaming!! I called here, I was so exciting! I’m very happy till now! I can’t stop screaming on the phone. Aniz sounds like can’t bear it, and wanna put off the phone. Hahahaha.. then, She bought it for me. JUST for me!!


P.S of course I pay her for that book. = =’ am I dreaming if she bought it for me for free? Hahaha.. xDD xDD xDD

Alright prolog is ending. 😛

I’ve not finished read it yet. Hahaha.. just wanna share my happiness, coz I have this book!! Sorry, can’t upload my photo with this book <to prove it for you that I really really truly have it> mybe, I’ll post it later. Wkwkwk maybe. 😀



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