That night, I was wasting my sleep time to watch RATTATOUILLE again. Haha.. you know that movie? That’s funny movie. I’ve watched it for a million times. God, and I never feel bored coz this movie.

Ratatouille*sory, too large pic. 😛

This story began from this little rat named Remy. He has a special sense of smell. So, he can know the composition of a cake : Flour, Sugar, Egg, Lemon, and else. That’s very unique. He has a brother named Emile, yeah, he is chubby, and loves to eat anything. Oh, and He is easily get impressed. Then, His Daddy, is the leader of their colony.

Remy is a different Rat. He hates stealing food (remy called it “GARBAGE”), and hates to be a RAT. He has a different point of view with his father. Remy likes to go to the kitchen. And after that, He knows Gusteau (the famous chef in Paris). Then, remy started to cook like Gusteau did. Hahaha..

Then, in Paris, and adventure happened… well, I won’t tell you, You had better to check it yourself.

Btw, I love the OST. Camille-Le Festin.


Les rêves des amoureux sont comme le bon vin

Ils donnent de la joie ou bien du chagrin

Affaibli par la faim je suis malheureux

Volant en chemin tout ce que je peux

Car rien n’est gratuit dans la vie

L’espoir est un plat bien trop vite consommé

A sauter les repas je suis habitué

Un voleur solitaire est triste à nourrir

A un jeu si amer je n’peux réussir

Car rien n’est gratuit dans…

La vie… Jamais on ne me dira

Que la course aux étoiles; ça n’est pas pour moi

Laissez moi vous émerveiller et prendre mon en vol

Nous allons en fin nous régaler

La fête va enfin commencer

Sortez les bouteilles; finis les ennuis

Je dresse la table, de ma nouvelle vie

Je suis heureux à l’idée de ce nouveau destin

Une vie à me cacher et puis libre enfin

Le festin est sur mon chemin

Une vie à me cacher et puis libre enfin

Le festin est sur mon chemin

GREAT SONG!! ^____^


Tik tok acoustic version! ^__^

hello people!! It’s been a while since my latest post. xD hehe.. I’m back with this beautiful song!

well, just for you to know, I know this song from my beloved pet, eh ?! friend. nishoo LINa. hahaha.. 

I had an inspiration because this song. ^__^ I wonder, how if CheoShi sing this song? What will they wear? So, I started to thinking about their dress. this is quite fun! you know, I’ve not thought about cheo shi since I’m being busy at school. I think. I’ve missed them.. ^__^

Then, I opened my looklet account, and started to make a new look! A cheo shi’s dress when they performance “Tik tok acoustic version” sooo… this is my latest look!!


well, I was very tired after made all this. But, I’m happy!!! coz, I have many hearts from people on LOOKLET. thank you guys!! ^___^ I’ve never thought that I will have many hearts on there. haha.. usually, I only have 3 or 2 hearts. But, today, I had more than 5 hearts. Well, My old look named ” a nerd become a princess” had a 10 hearts. wow! amazing..!!

If  you don;t mind, please visit my look on looklet.


thank you!!



Gilaaa!! bener-bener gila deh hari ini! Sial sial sial sial sial!!

1st of all, today is Wednesday. Our subject today are.. Economic (damn! hate it!), English (bored..!), Sociology (sleepy..), and Chemistry (better than Economic). Well, the great things are We have a Re-TEST for Economic and Chemistry.

When, at  7 o’clock. The bell wasn’t ringing. So, I didn’t know if the class will start now. With my humble mind, I walked out from my class and go to UKS. I brought my school bag too. haha.. I was very lazy to have Economic class, whether we will Re-test now, I don’t care. My best friend , titta was following me to the UKS. She said..

” Hey, stupid! The Economic class has started!! Come on!”

” Oh.. God!! please, allow me to kill that subject!” I said. Suddenly,  My boy-maid, come inside the UKS, He saw me and titta. and Titta spoke to him, I didn’t what were they talking about. Mybe about me? wkwk.. and SUDDENLY!! He hugged me from behind me! YUCK!!! well, I know, he just kidding me, but, that;s too early to make me laugh, but I was laughing  LOL.!! Then, titta run to my class and said..

” Rurii and XXX did something weird in UKS!!”

What the f**king sentence!! =,= I’ve ever heard!!

Then, my friend, MEGGY (he’s a boy, a little boy) arrived to UKS quickly then laughing. What the hell?! Then, He took away one of my shoes, and hide it in somewhere. Titta said again..

” Come in Rurii!! The teacher has arrived to the class!!” she said.

” Really?? but, I can’t go without my other shoe..!!” At time, Mega has been gone!

” I’ll carry you on my back!”

” OK!”

Nah, pas titta mau nggendong aku, eeeeeeh!!!!! Unfortunately ,



Dan, saat aku mau jatuh, aku ngerasa kaya udah punya DEJAVU  gitu.. Aku ngerasa, saat aku akan jatuh itu, seperti di SLOWMOTION oleh Allah SWT. Entah kenapa aku ngerasa kaya gitu.


Bukannya langsung bangun seperti yang Titta lakuin, aku malah masih berbaring terpaku di KUBANGAN AIR TERSEBUT. Baju, krudung, Rok, semua udah basah! Tapi aku tetep diem. Bahkan HANDPHONE-ku yang aku bawa aja, aku lepasin ke TANAH!! =,=

Saat diem itu sebenernya aku mikir..

” Eh, gilla!! aku jatuh! bajuku kotor semua!! GIMANA aku ekskul debat nanti!!!?! Trus kalo aku jatuh, bajuku kotor, aku gak bisa masuk pelajaran, PULANG donk! tapi pasti sekolah punya baju cadangan buat muridnya. IYA, pasti punya. Eh, sekarang Ulangan Ekonomi ya? Yah, susulan donk?! what the hell…. ==’ Eh, trus klo susulan, makin gak bisa donk?!”

Yah..  I thought some things like that, when I was lying on “KUBANGAN AIR” itu..

Very ashamed , isn’t??

Then, Aku dapet rok buat ganti. Karena Rokku basah sebasah-basahnya. Dah bajuku kotor banget. Untuknya aku pake kaos, jadi bisa di double jaket.


1. Sekelas pada ngeliatin aku dan teriak “RURII SEKSI!!” seksi palalo!!! =,=

2. Kakak kelas, juga seluruh murid ngeliatin aku, pas lagi di kantin

3. Aku gak NYAMAN bgt di KELAS!!

4. GAK JADI ekskul DEBAT

5. Pulang kelilipan SEMUT (yah, akibat juga sih..)


huh, yeah, well, that’s all from me. Klo di terusin, PEMBUNUHAN KARAKTER namanya.. Au revoir!!

today is very ashamed day, I’ve ever had..!




Unexpected! I think, that word is really able to this book. Yeah, first of all, I had never thought about all of Jerry D. Gray tell in his book-Deadly Mist. I had never thought about American’s upaya to destroyed the human being.


This book is awesome..!!


Jerry D.Gray on his book, tells about many type of disease, such as HIV/AIDS , Anthrax, Avian Influlenza, Fluoride, etc. He thinks < and He prove it with many link-link website about “Biological weapons” on his book> that America has responsibility from that diseases. An American government has a plan to make a “New World Order” . So, they should keep the population so, it will not overdo it. One of their way to keep population of human being is with making a people sick and then die one by one. They supply some vaccine, but It can’t make them health, but instead. The vaccine company is Government’s partner, That’s so logical.


Jerry thinks, America government is a Barbarian one.


This book is full of many fact and token about the action of America government. I don’t know, is that true or false. But, the facts and the real life are make sense.


And from this book, I’m finally know about chemical trails and what’s behind of chemical trails. You’d better read this book, if you’re curious about this.


Jerry is really unexpected! I just knew , he is a “mualaf” and lives in Indonesia right now. He speaks fluent Indonesian. I thought, this book is original version in English, but I was wrong.


Unforgettable Sunday~

well well well

Hari minggu ini bener-bener gak bisa dilupakan, dan bener-bener berkesan banget (halah, gak efektif) dalah hidupku. Hadeeeh, hiperbola. 😛

Pagi minggu ini,  hari-hariku sudah disambut hangat oleh cuaca yang sangat bagus. Langit bewarna abu-abu, nyaris tidak ada seberkah warnah biru terang sama sekali, Udara yang kelewat sejuk, lalu tiba-tiba, air hujan ikut menyambut pagiku ini.


rencana untuk pergi main pun, sempat hampir, sangat hampir gagal. Karena hal-hal yang aku  sebut diatas sukses membuat mood orang menjadi malas ngapa-ngapain. Pokoknya, maunya di rumaaaaah aja. . Tapi, bukan Ruri namanya kalo cuaca gini doank, langsung lemes. 😛

dengan semangat 45, kukayuh sepeda mini milik adekku, ke rumah temanku di dekat SMPku dulu. Yaaah, cukup memakan waktu, mengingat sepeda itu sangat mini dan rapuh. Meskipun sudah mengayuh sekuat dan secepat yang kubisa, tetap saja hanya bergerak sedikit. Benar-benar olahraga yang baik untuk betis kita.

Setelah sampai di rumah teman yang kumaksud itu, Aku hanya berniat menitipkan sepeda, karena sebenarnya, aku akan pergi ke tempat lain. Tidak dengan sepeda tentunya. aku jalan menuju terminal. Disana, sebuah bus kota telah menungguku. tapi, aku tidak naik bus itu, aku lebih memilih ojek karena berbaga faktor:

1. Lebih cepat sampai, karena motor lebih lincah dibanding mobil, bus, atau truk. ==’

2. 10.000 untuk jarak sejauh itu, benar-benar harga yang fantastis.

3. aku memang lebih suka naik motor dari pada naik mobil.

Seorang temanku akhirnya datang juga, dan lalu kita mengambil langkah seribu ke si tukang ojek. Dan benar! dengan 10.000 kita bisa sampai ke tempat yang kita tuju hanya dengan 25 menit saja. Bayangkan kalau dengan BUS. helllooow? sampainya tahun depan kale??

Di tempat itu kita latihan..latihan..latihan.. sampai benar-benar lelah. Lalu aku ingat pesan Ayahku. “Harus pulang jam 2, gak boleh lebih” . saat kulihat jam, jam di handphone ku sudah menunjukkan angka je 2 kurang 20 menit. Langsung ngacir pulang, tentunya dengan temanku itu.

Saat oulang, kami berdua ingin naik ojek lagi, agar cepat sampai tentunya. Tapi, beruntungnya, tidak ada ojek satupun disana. Yang bertebarang hanyalah becak, taxi, dan BUS. Oh, God! Tiba-tiba, temanku itu berkata padaku..

“Gimana naik taxi??”

What?! TAXI, Mahal dong! Tapi setelah berunding kesana kemari, kami sepakat untuk bertanya tentang harganya dulu pada si pak supir. Dah setelah menawar kesana kemari, kami dapet harga fantastis. haha hanya 25,ooo untuk perjalanan yang sama. Murah, mengingat kami naik TAXI sekarang.

Di perjalanan dalam taxi, aku berpikir..

“Gila, sok kaya banget aku, naik-naik TAXI segala. Bisa nyari duit aja belum. hadeeeeeh.. pengalaman-pengalaman.. “

Sampai di terminal, ups! HUJAN turun DERAS. tapi kami tidak takut dengan hujan itu, dengan percaya diri, kami berlari ke rumah teman kamu -tempat aku menitipkan sepedaku tadi-. benar-benar seperti di film India saja.

Sesampainya disana, aku segera tancap gas -dengan sepeda- ke rumah. Dah, Oh, sungguh beruntung! Rantai sepedaku copot di tengah jalan. alhasil, selain kehujanan, rambut basah, jaket basah, kakiku juga pegel-pegel karena berganti fungsi sebagai tenaga gerak bagi sepeda mungil itu.

Dan berkat semangat 45-ku yang masih berkobar sedari tadi, akhirnya sampai juga di rumah. Perasaanku sudah was-was karena bakal dimarahi karena pulang telat. Tapi ternyata…

” Ayo, semua berangkat sekarang?” tanya Ayahku pada adekku yang pertama dan yang paling terakhir.

” OK!” jawab mereka.

“LHO?LHHO??” sahutku terkejut, lalu melepas jaketku yang sudah basah sebasah-basahnya.


“Pada mau kemana???” tanyaku masih dengan muka terkejutku yang mirip Jessica Jung-SNSD (ngimpi)

“mau ke INDOGRASIR sama TOKO BUKU. mau ikut?” jawab si babe santai.

WHAT?! tau gitu aku gak usah pulang aja! Udah capek-capek, hujan-hujan, jiiiaaaah, malah di tinggal maen. Hello??


Nah, itu dia, hari mingguku yang super duper capek, tapi mengasyikkan. Tapi gak asyik lagi di bagian akhir. Dan akhirnya, aku habiskan waktuku di rumah-dengan kesendirian- dengan menonton TV.

well, I think, that’s all for me. Just wait for the next story. haha.. enjoy your night. Au revoir!