Unexpected! I think, that word is really able to this book. Yeah, first of all, I had never thought about all of Jerry D. Gray tell in his book-Deadly Mist. I had never thought about American’s upaya to destroyed the human being.


This book is awesome..!!


Jerry D.Gray on his book, tells about many type of disease, such as HIV/AIDS , Anthrax, Avian Influlenza, Fluoride, etc. He thinks < and He prove it with many link-link website about “Biological weapons” on his book> that America has responsibility from that diseases. An American government has a plan to make a “New World Order” . So, they should keep the population so, it will not overdo it. One of their way to keep population of human being is with making a people sick and then die one by one. They supply some vaccine, but It can’t make them health, but instead. The vaccine company is Government’s partner, That’s so logical.


Jerry thinks, America government is a Barbarian one.


This book is full of many fact and token about the action of America government. I don’t know, is that true or false. But, the facts and the real life are make sense.


And from this book, I’m finally know about chemical trails and what’s behind of chemical trails. You’d better read this book, if you’re curious about this.


Jerry is really unexpected! I just knew , he is a “mualaf” and lives in Indonesia right now. He speaks fluent Indonesian. I thought, this book is original version in English, but I was wrong.



6 responses

  1. Terkait Vaksinasi bolehkah saya meminta artikel2 yang menunjukan bahwa vaksinasi itu sangat berbahaya, please
    atau fakta2 yang menunjukan hal itu terimakasih, cz saya punya anak balita

  2. Thanks for your nice comments on my book. Please read my latest book Art of Deception. Which makes it so very clear who our enemies are and why they do what they do…

    Another book Rasulullah is My Doctor is our solution to the evils described in Deadly Mist…

    Jerry D. Gray

  3. Salam, saya memerlukan maklumat yang penting tentang buku Art of Deception, berapa versi yang dikeluarkan sebab saya hanya dapat informasi bahawa ianya diterbit dalam bahasa indonesia di indonesia dan bahasa melayu di malaysia. Ada tak terbitan dalam bahasa inggeris. Please, sape2 yang bleh tolong. Informasi ini sgt penting untuk saya. Terima kasih.

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