Tik tok acoustic version! ^__^

hello people!! It’s been a while since my latest post. xD hehe.. I’m back with this beautiful song!

well, just for you to know, I know this song from my beloved pet, eh ?! friend. nishoo LINa. hahaha.. 

I had an inspiration because this song. ^__^ I wonder, how if CheoShi sing this song? What will they wear? So, I started to thinking about their dress. this is quite fun! you know, I’ve not thought about cheo shi since I’m being busy at school. I think. I’ve missed them.. ^__^

Then, I opened my looklet account, and started to make a new look! A cheo shi’s dress when they performance “Tik tok acoustic version” sooo… this is my latest look!!


well, I was very tired after made all this. But, I’m happy!!! coz, I have many hearts from people on LOOKLET. thank you guys!! ^___^ I’ve never thought that I will have many hearts on there. haha.. usually, I only have 3 or 2 hearts. But, today, I had more than 5 hearts. Well, My old look named ” a nerd become a princess” had a 10 hearts. wow! amazing..!!

If  you don;t mind, please visit my look on looklet.


thank you!!



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