A ballet dancer wins the lead in “Swan Lake” and is perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan – Princess Odette – but slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like Odile, the Black Swan.

Director: Darren Aronofsky
Writers: Mark Heyman (screenplay), Andres Heinz (screenplay),
Stars: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel

last night, I was watching BLACK SWAN in my room. Well, this movie is totally amazed me. wow! I love this story, about NINA who trying harder to be a Black Swan, coz, she’is totally like White Swan. Natalie’s act is awesome! at begining, She success to be a White Swan who like NINA’s character, too weak, fragile, and always says “Sorry, sorry, and sorry” and, she’s protected by her mom. (sounds really annoying to me). Then, she tried to be the character of Black Swan which really strong, and evil.Meanwhile, she’s getting weird coz of this role. She was hallucinating, and loses her mind, slowly.

Btw, I really love when she danced Black Swan part. Wow, It made me speechless. hahaha.. 

awesome, isn’t? >_____< 

ups, if you are under 17 years old, hahaha.. please be careful when you watch this movie. Coz, yeah.. there are too many adult scene , I guess. So, It’s not for a child. hahaha *what about you rurii?!* and, make sure that your parents aren’t in your behind during watch this movie. hehe.. >__< that’s my advice, hope it’s helpful for you, wkwkwk 

huhuhu… Natalie Portman in other movie, was playing with my dreaming husband. ==’ other porn  Ups, I mean, adult movie. I don’t want to watch it, coz, yeah.. dangerous. wkwk xDD Otherthan, I have no feeling about the story, wo, should I watch it? No. haha..    




 _love this_

 this is just my latest look on looklet. well, I did it, coz, I have no thing to do this night. **what about study, HEY RURII….?! hm, I’ll do it, later. hehehe *gubrak**   I adopted Harajuku style in this look. After, I finished it, I had a think, This look is just like Harajuku style. well, I usually make looks with dark theme, white-black-gray and so far as so on.  Ok, because, I don’t have much good clothes, and I’m not stylish in a real life, I just can share my fashion looks from looklet. hahaha, oh, plus, I’m not a pretty girl, so, this amazing clothes will be terrible if I wear it. hahaha.. *4LaY!! >___< 

Ok, more PIC. Btw, I haven’t had more hearts from this look. I hope, I could have more and more and more hearts. 😀  


hahaha.. actually again, my post about fashion just 2 posts. So, I wanna make it more, So, I make this post, right now. hahaha.. ( speechless, I don’t know, what should I’m talking about on here, I always want to talk everything on here,  but, after I log in , just like now, what should I’m talking about? haha

Btw, Tomorrow, I’ll do geography test, well, that’s lesson is not easy, but not hard too. Coz, I really enjoy every Mr.Aris teach us. hahaha, I always laugh, exactly. 😛  

Galau~ part I

*berharap gak ada galau part 2 atau 3 yang bakal aku publish di sini*


Yaaah, kayaknya galau part 2 dan 3 bakal muncul, sampai titik puncak menuju kedewasaanku. *mengaku, masih labil dan selalu galau*

OK, meskipun ini bukan galau pertamaku, tapi aku tetep nyebut ini yang pertama karena pertama kalu galau-ku ini aku expose ke dunia maya. Mengingat, kegalauan itu sama dengan pembuhunan karakter ato pembukaan aib sebagai anak labil. huhuhu.. 😦

First of all, in this week, and next weeks, I’ll be very very very busy. hahaha *sok sibuk*. this is about school and school and school. In June, in 2 weeks, I’ll do THE FINAL EXAM. And, this is about I’m going to 11th grade or stuck in 10th grade.  How lucky I am, I haven’t already yet!!  I HAVEN’T ALREADY YEEET *yelling loudly* Too much lessons that I should understand it faster, faster and faster. Especially, mathematic, economic, and… *gonna mention all of subjects, how stupid I am* else. Uhuuk.. >__<

Then, I still confuse with this thing, Then, I should do a MURAL at my school. MURAL is a such of.. hm.. painting in the wall, to make our wall more beauty, but, coz from Basic, we’re not a professional artist, so, our wall (I bet) will be being more dirty. hahaha xDD At beginning, I think this event is so annoying and very wasting my time. *Moreover, I was mad with my leader of class  coz, he wants me to join this event* but, after we discuss about it today, well, this is gonna be quite fun to do. haha, can’t wait. ^____^

My confession won’t stop, I really wanna borrow some movies!! Mybe, It makes me really GALAU~ coz, I’ll do TEST, but, I really wanna watch some movies. Moreover, I have made a movie’s list on my cellphone. >____< Huaaa… I really wanna borrow it, But, I know, my budget will not enough. hehehe.. sorry, If I am a poor senior high school student. >____<  Then, If I have borrowed it, I don’t think I have so much time to watch all or it, coz, I wanna borrow a lot of movies. hehehe.. Mybe, I’ll watch it at a middle of the night, but, I won’t be focus, coz, I’m sleepy. I wanna copy all of these movies, but, I remember about my LOW disk space, it’s not enough. huhuhu~

The solution is,

My friend told me about it: I should borrow these movies after TEST. well, my comment is: BUT I’M REALLY INSIST to watch it~ >____< I miss watching movies… especially horror and mystery genre.

Well, the point is, I don’t know what should I suppose to do.. hahaha.. I made all of it dramatically, SORRY, I’m not 4L4Y girl, but, I’m always pretending to be 4L4Y, coz, it’s quite funny. hahaha I think, I can’t endure this feeling to not watch or borrow some movies till my TEST is ending. I hope I can, and I bet I can. hahaha..

The movies that I really wanna watch it, those are…..


 Mona Gray is a 20-year-old loner who, as a child, turned to math for salvation after her father became ill. As an adult, Mona now teaches the subject and must help her students through their own crises.

Director: Marilyn Agrelo
Writers: Pamela Falk (screenplay), Michael Ellis (screenplay), and 1 more credit »
Stars: Jessica Alba, J.K. Simmons and Bailee Madison



Set in a medieval village that is haunted by a werewolf, a young girl falls for an orphaned woodcutter, much to her family’s displeasure.

Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Writer: David Johnson
Stars: Amanda Seyfried, Lukas Haas and Gary Oldman


A Polish Jewish musician struggles to survive the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto of World War II.

Director: Roman Polanski
Writers: Ronald Harwood (screenplay), Wladyslaw Szpilman (based on the book by)
Stars: Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann and Frank Finlay


After a brilliant but asocial mathematician accepts secret work in cryptography, his life takes a turn to the nightmarish.

Director: Ron Howard
Writers: Akiva Goldsman, Sylvia Nasar (book)
Stars: Russell Crowe, Ed Harris and Jennifer Connelly

still learning..

well, today, I admit it, I really really tired, but, I don’t want to sleep before publish this post. haha.. here, I’m going to tell you about my activities today. well, we can say it, this is the one of my new experience which I’ll never forget it, maybe I guess. 

I also admit that, now, actually I feel really bored and sucks in English. Haha, but why am I using English on here? I don’t know, this is such of Asian voodoo, or something like that, someone manage me to use English.   ok, it was an intermezo. ==’

Ok, Let’s begin. hahaha, ups, suddenly, I wanna write it in Indonesia. 🙂 

Naaaah, hari ini aku ikut lomba debat di UGM (Universitas Gajah Mada).  Lomba itu di ikuti oleh sekitar 24 team dari.. hm.. mungkin 20 sekolah mengengah ke atas se- JAWA-BALI . What?! JAWA -BALI?! bahkan ada kok yang dari Tangerang, jauh-jauh ke Jogja cuma buat lomba debat. Yah, mungkin mereka emang kepingin dapet sertifikat dari UGM supaya gampang masuk UGM besok.

Awalnya sih aku biasa-biasa aja. I’m totally normal. I’m not nervous, not worry about it, and else. I don’t know why, Aku ngerasa, Yaaaah, just do our best and let it go. ==> gampangin banget gak sih. bubu =3= 


ternyata beneran JAWA-BALI. Hm, I’m trying to memorize it..  SMA N MUHAMADIYAH 1 YK, SMA MUALIMIN, SMA 5, SMA 6, SMK 1 DEPOK,  hm.. and SMA N 1 PAKEM, those are from Jogjakarta. Then, from luar jogja: SMA N 1/2 TANGGERANG SELATAN,  SMA 1 PURWOKERTA, SMA 1 SURAKARTA, SMA 3 SURAKARTA, SMA 3 SEMARANG, SMA 4 DENPASAR, and the others, can’t remember it. xD

well, most of them, is really really great in their debate. And, my team.. well, we’re really sucky today. 😥  aku bener-bener stuck, gak bisa apa-apa. Haduuuh, pokoknya gelap deh lomba debate kali ini. bener-bener unexpected. Salut dah, sama yang ngelatih mereka. huhuhu~ kok bisa keren gitu ya?? Setelah debate selesai, oh, sebelumnya malah, aku dan teamku bener-bener ngerasa bersalah sama Kak Alvine (pelatih), coz, we didn’t do our best, and we failed. hueeee…

Ok, I’ll tell you, susunan acaranya. Halah… =,=

Jam 06.00-08.00=> I was still normal. Perjalanan ke UGM menemui banyak rintangan dan menguji andrenaline karena Bibil dengan lugunya mempercayakan keselamatannya juga motornya padaku. hahaha.. it was quite funny, when we almost clashed with a car, and else. hahaha..

08.00-08.30 => I was being a little worried, coz, I saw the participant is really really in high level. Wow!! Kita terkaget-kaget lihat SMA 4 DENPASAR, dan langsung bergossip ria. 4 DENPASAR kan yang BAGUS itu sekolahnya, yang anaknya pada pinter-pinter…” and, bla bla bla.. Sampai aku bilang “Moga gak ngelawan mereka deh..”


Round 1,  my team VS SMA 4 DENPASAR, and this motion is about Gender. Trus, Kita milih mainin motion “Affirmative action to LGBT” well, basicly, we don’t really understand about Affirmative action itself. We don’t know about, What’s Affirmative action, is that the type of crime or something? and others. The point is, We had failed, and misunderstanding while debated. Begonya, bukannya malah nulis Rebuttal, aku malah terpesona dengan cara ngomong mereka yang bener-bener songong, angkuh, dan meyakinkan. Bener-bener makan ati deh, and their 3rd speaker is the best! I mean, dia ngolok-olok teamku , sukses nusuk! GILAAAA~!!!

Break, makan snack, Udah, kenyang lanjut lagi….

Round 2 my team VS SMA 1 PURWOKERTO, with motion about Culture. And, we define to choose “Return Cultural Goods to Origin country” and bla bla bla, once again, I’m not clearly understand it. So, I was just talking about founder rights to have that goods, and di puter-puter bolak-balik gak jelas. hadeeeeeh… ==’ Tapi anehnya, my team WON it. Wow, we can’t stop laughing. hahaha…

But, sampai di hall debaters, Kak Alvin muncul. Mukanya udah gak enak, Ada kakak kelas juga (team dari sekolahku yang lain), Kita yang tengah bahagia karena menang untuk pertama kalinya, langsung muram.

” Kalian itu harus keep questioning. Gimana tadi? Apa komentar jurinya??” tanya kak alvine rada ketus. huhuhu~ 😥 😥

” Itu.. harus di jelasin lagi, why.. why.. atau how..” jawab si Rini, si 1st speaker of my team.

” Tuh, kan, kalian itu masih kurang questioning. Gimana rebuttal nya? di komentarin juga gak?” lanjut kak Alvine. Pada geleng-geleng semua.

” Ya udah, yang jelas, keep questioning aja. aku udah sering bilang kan, Keep questioning, Kalian harus mikir kenapa, kenapa kenapa?? on how, or why? why and why?? gitu..” lanjutnya Udah pada nunduk semua tuh. Ya Allah, beneran, ngerasa bersalah banget aku.

” Tapi hasilnya gimana?” tanyanya lagi.

“Menang, margin 2..” jawabku, udah gak seneng lagi, Hello?? di marahin gini, siapa yang gak sedih coba?! O.o

” Untung kalian menang, coba kalau kalian kalah..” lanjutnya lagi.

Makin bete, kecewa, merasa bersalah, pokoknya serba salah deh. huhu..

Round 3, SIAL lagi!!! my team VS SMA 3 SURAKARTA. with this motion about LAW. (mampus, HUKUM, aku buta hukum!!!) trus, kita milih motion,”  THW ban media to airing opinions on ongoing the court trails ”  actually, I don’t understand about it (aku kaya gak ngerti apa-apa dah =,=) but, finally, setelah nyoba-nyoba mikir, akhirnya dapet satu argument paling dangkal yang pernah ada, yaitu ” karena hak mereka ” dan seperti yang Kak Alvine bilang, aku keep questioning sebisa mungkin. Dan Hebatnya, kok bisa sampai satu lembar buku besar ya? hahaha.. Aku udah seneng tuh, bikin argument sepanjang itu, belum nanti Rebuttal, dan nambah-nambahin Argumentnya 1st speaker. Begitu mulai debate, yah, we can call it, this debate is really enjoy, and I really enjoyed this debate and my team, and also the other team. Kita udah OPTIMIS, kalau gak MENANG, yah.. beda margin paling cuma 2 atau 3. 

EH! EH! EH!!!!




Hueee… bener-bener deh. Pulangnya aku sms Kak Alvine buat minta maaf karena gak bisa masuk 8 besar, and gak melakukan yang terbaik tadi. Trus, Kak Alvine bilang, it’s ok. Buat pengalaman. Yeah, Experience is a the best teacher, and, it we made a mistake or we failed, it means that, we are still elarning, and I won’t stop learning. So, If today, I failed, tomorrow, I’ll be more better. 🙂

Itulah, pelajaran yang aku ambil dari hari ini. More practice, cox practice makes perfect. don’t stop learning, coz, If we aren’t learning, we will know nothing, and we will never be a better person. 🙂