_love this_

 this is just my latest look on looklet. well, I did it, coz, I have no thing to do this night. **what about study, HEY RURII….?! hm, I’ll do it, later. hehehe *gubrak**   I adopted Harajuku style in this look. After, I finished it, I had a think, This look is just like Harajuku style. well, I usually make looks with dark theme, white-black-gray and so far as so on.  Ok, because, I don’t have much good clothes, and I’m not stylish in a real life, I just can share my fashion looks from looklet. hahaha, oh, plus, I’m not a pretty girl, so, this amazing clothes will be terrible if I wear it. hahaha.. *4LaY!! >___< 

Ok, more PIC. Btw, I haven’t had more hearts from this look. I hope, I could have more and more and more hearts. 😀  


hahaha.. actually again, my post about fashion just 2 posts. So, I wanna make it more, So, I make this post, right now. hahaha.. ( speechless, I don’t know, what should I’m talking about on here, I always want to talk everything on here,  but, after I log in , just like now, what should I’m talking about? haha

Btw, Tomorrow, I’ll do geography test, well, that’s lesson is not easy, but not hard too. Coz, I really enjoy every Mr.Aris teach us. hahaha, I always laugh, exactly. 😛  


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