I just want to share something on here. And, just like the title said, I’m going to tell you about CAKE-MOVIE-and-COMICS. Haha, It sounds very familiar with EAT-PRAY-LOVE (but, you don’t pray with some comics, do you?xDD) well then, I’m not going to make a review about EAT-PRAY-LOVE movie. Whether, the location of LOVE story in my lovely country ( ok, I live in other island, but it still include).

I watched….



Identical twins Hallie and Annie were separated at birth when their parents divorced. After the two meet at summer camp, they begin plotting to reunite their estranged parents.

Director: Nancy Meyers
Writers: Erich Kästner (book), David Swift (screenplay),
Stars: Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson

ok, I was still 2 years old when LINDSAY played in these movie. It’s freaky.

Hoho, this is one of my favorite old movies. This movie was introducing LINDSAY LOHAN. Oh God~ she’s totally beauty. She’s tall and slim –No doubt, I adore her body-. And, she spoke in British and American accent. That’s sweet! And sometimes, she spoke in French –LOVE IT-.

(I hope I could speak with British accent, It sounds very high class, elegant, and.. very royal, you know what I mean.. xDD )

From this movie, I know the different between British and American accent. I’m sure, I can’t explain it very well. So, the point is, British accent always use a polite and formal language. But, American accent sounds more funky, and hm.. so teenager for me. (Like it!) 😀


American accent: No Thanks, I can’t. I’m allergic.

British accent     : Oh, I wish I could. But, I can’t. I’m allergic.

American say can’t (ken’t) but, British say it kan’t. well, it’s really different. I love British accent, sometimes I love American accent. 😀

Back to the movie. Haha.. funny story! I wish I have a twin sister like Annie and Halie. We’ll meet in kind of Summer Camp, and I wish my twin sister is from Europe. xD *Ok, It will never happen* nobody knows.. xD

After I watched “PARENT TRAP”, I playd some cooking games. Free Cooking Games Online. On and . Ok, it’s so childish, but I enjoyed it, so what’s a matter. 😀 hohoho..

I made a chocolate cake, (of course!) special for –you-know-who- 😛



I know, I know, I’m not good a cooker. It seems like I’ve never touched everything in kitchen, I guess YES. But, From 2 pics above, It’s not really bad, is it? Yummy, Hope, he likes it. Ok, He couldn’t eat that picture. I’ll make a cake for him, One day. Haha.. I wish I could. 😀

Next is comics!!

I read imadoki series from beginning again. Haha..


Have I already said that, Watase Yuu is my favorite mangaka? No yet,? Ok, I’ll tell you right know. First time, I read Imadoki is when I was in 3rd grade public school. My big sister taught me, she told me about a lot of comics, and let me read her comics. From now, I love comics. But, now I don’t read much. I still read CONAN or DEATH NOTE. But, Not all of comics in this whole world that I want to read one by one. That’s insane ok?  I don’t care about genre, I love Romance comic, and coz of many factors, I can’t buy some comics again. A big novel has stolen my interest. Hehe..


Honestly, I completely LOVE the story. The character of Yamazaki Tanpopo amazed  me. Haha it’s true. And, Unfortunately, my big sister just have 1-2-3 series. How about 4 and 5? Well, I’ve already read all of these a million times. I’ve never felt bored. 😀


wait.. just share it ok, I don’t mean anything or I don’t have any wishes about it.. *insist


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