Got a Little Bit PUNCH!

ok..! Hello crap! First of all, thanks for visit this pathetic blog, and read this crappy post. hohoho.. I’ll make it easy. Today, I just want to tell you about my past final exam yesterday. We can call it UKK (Ulangan Kenaikan Kelas) or UUKK (Ulangan Umum Kenaikan Kelas), what’s the different? ==’

This test will be my and all the student in my school  last chance to fix all of our score. And, all or it will decide us to enter science department , social department, or you’ll stuck in 10th grade. Just tak your pick.. >___<

Back to that fuckin’ test. 😛

It had 8 days, starts from Saturday, June 4th 2011 till Monday, June 13th 2011. and, probably, this is my unforgettable test in my whole life..( haha..I’ll have many unforgettable tests , I guess. I’m still young, right? :P)

There were too many conflict and problems. I’m being honest now, when all my friends were panic, I was completely enjoying that situation. I mean, I was like… HELL yeah! you know what I mean? We were saying “fuckin’ teacher, fuckin’ test” million times. It was a quite fun. NO! IT WAS VERY FUN!! >_____<

The best part is.. haha, somebody gives one student in another school, an answer of all of those test.. Not all, but I don’t know how that kids can get the answers before test get started? How brilliant is that? GENIUS, but criminal. I guess.. XDD

That answers were spreading to all of student in my regency. Weird, wasn’t it? BUT FUN! I admit it, the situation was so.. WOW, fuckin’ yeaaaahhh!! *Ok, I’ve already said fuckin’ word million times on here, so, is time to stop!*

Then, after all of student got the answers. Many issues and rumor came faster. The Issue about ” the test would be repeated” or we can say it “Re-test for all of subject” because, the questions had already known by the students. Unfunny! TEACHER and Education department are the only actor to blame with this problem. Everybody talked about it, and then they were getting panic. HAHA..FUNNY! ups! I wasn’t panic, just a little bit, really a little! XDD

Ok, Let’s go to my suspense when the test been held. =,=

1st day.. Saturday, June 4th 2011==> Germany and Sport (theory, of course!)

well~ I was really enjoying at all. Oh, I mean just in Deutsch  test. I was doing those test easily, really enjoy, comfortable, and full of confidence. I wish I have a great score in my class, but  I know that’s impossible. So, being second is not really bad, is it? 🙂 About sport test, wow wow wow.. no comment. I was very sleepy, and I was sleeping after I finished my test ( of course, I did a special trick, I called it ” Ilmu ngasal” ) HaHaHa..

2nd day Monday, June 6th 2011==> Indonesian and Muslim Religion.

Just like Deutsch, I really enjoyed when Indonesian test. In essay test, exactly.  I was absolutely optimist, I’ll have a good score in it, but, yeah.. it was.. Let’s face the truth Rurii..! your result is not good enough as you thought. *hurt* About religion, not happening if I have a good result. XDD

3rd day Tuesday, June 7th 2011==> English and Sociology

Hell yeah, I made a little mistake in English test, but, it doesn’t matter. hehe.. About sociology I was totally hated me! I never hear Mrs. Dyah while Sociology lesson. Nothing special, just, enjoy doing English test, and un-enjoy in sociology test. =,= pathetic.

4th day Wednesday, June 8th 2011 ===> Mathematic and Javanese


If I told you that I have no problem with language lessons, BUT  it’s not be valid to Javanese. I’m kinda ungood indigenous person. hell yeah~ of course, I could speak in Javanese, in unpolite way. But, trust me, I prefer 10.000% like to answer English questions than Javanese test.

About Mathematic, well, trust me again. You don’t want to know the truth… behind that scary, freaky, terrible, disgusting (ok, that’s too mean) , dangerous, and very very very baaad test, I’ve got 4 words for it. I HAVE NO IDEA!

5th day, Thursday, June 9th 2011==> Economic and Civilization.

I don’t have any comments for those subjects. I just can make a one wish for those subjects to being disappear soon! =,=

6th day==> Chemistry and History

7th day==> Physics and Geography

8th day==> Biology and Computer

For those science lessons, I tried to do my best ok. Even if mu result is not good at all. I’ll be fine, I guess.. =,=I wull just a little bit .. yeah.. disappointed.. I’ve got 2 choice when I feel disappointed. Crying or suicidal? that’s just a simple question, just pick it. As far, I always pick crying.

OK! That’s so freaky test. Totally, I know I have an unnormal life, but I haven’t expect that my life is being more far that normal word.

The test, well kinda sucks. Do you know what’s my favorite part from this test?? I didn’t lost my test schedule.. BUT I lost my test card. ==’ How stupid I am??

Oh My GOD! I didn’t realize that I’ve been writing so much words  on here. I think, my English skill gets improve. In vocabulary side, of course! but Grammar? I don’t think it so. Hahaha.. Let’s celebrate it!! 😀 Do you have a cake?? I’ll post the cake’s pic soon!! 😀


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