whaaaat theeeeeeeee f**k.. I ‘m got pranked by my scout’s group. They are absolutely insane!! Irrational! God! It was really really embarrassing! God! 


actually today, I should go to school and get a meeting about camping next week. But, I can’t coz I should take care my little brother and little sister in Farewell event. Though, I’m a leader in my group. so, I really felt sorry, and not responsible with my scout’s group. That’s why, I called Kiki (Co-Leader) and I told her that I can’t went to school and I give her rights to lead the meeting. she said, no problem. well, after that, I felt more better.

BUT, Today, when I was in RRI (Farewell my ex=elementary school) Kiki texted me…

BumBum: Ri, singkongnya itu?

Rurii  : iya, singkongnya mau di jadiin apa?

BumBum: Gethuk (kind of traditional food in here)

Rurii  : bla..bla..bla.. gimana rapatnya? 🙂

BumBum: Kita udah pada pulang semua. Pada mutung. Keputusan rapat ada di tangan KAMU!

Rurii : Hah? Mutung kkarena aku gak dateng??

God! I read that text, I felt really sorry…. to them! I know, I’m not a good leader, but, I’ve tried my best as the Leader. 

BumBum: pertama karena kamu gak dateng. Kedua kita gak mau bawa barang-barang. Kita mutusin, kamu yang bawa, kalau enggak kita pecah.

God! I felt really down after I read those text. I felt sick! My little told me that my face was being really pale. I didn’t know what should I do. I wanted to go to school right now, but How? and By what? I was totally confused.. 

Rurii : aku bawa semua barang?

BumBum : Iya, semua

I’m being honest! I wanted to say *something bad* to them! I was angry. And, felt like They didn’t respect me as the Leader. I was thinking about my argument if I went to school and meet them. Then, I confused..confused..confused.. I decided to sent text to Titta. She’s my close friend (yeah, my home and hers is really close ==’ )

 And, Her text was made me more shock and confuse. 

Rurii: Ta…

Titta : OPO ? (capslock)

Rurii : Pada mutung semua po?

Titta : Luweh ra Urusan !!

Rurii : Aku minta maaf kalau bla..bla..bla.. *panjang lebar*

Titta : So?

Rurii : bla..bla..bla…

Next, I called Tita, and Lilik answered it. she said ” Aku gak tau, baru dateng, pada udah bubar semua. Pada berantem. Ebba sama Kiki sampe marahan..”  


I was panic! really panic! I called Kiki, Novi, Ika, and other member. But, no one answer it. holy shit!

I called Ebba. well, I don’t clearly remeber about our conversation. But, She sounded like crying or laughing. and, it sounded really noisy in there. what’s truly going on in here?! 

And.. skip skip skip. I was crying. skip skip skip.

I called Tita again. and Lilik told me everything that I’m got pranked by them. It was a jokin’. holy shit!! I was still crying crying and crying. Coz, I relieved, happy, but I hated them. Fiuh, I really grateful coz it just a drama. Not truly happen.  

I just.. admit that I really stupid! I am too easy to believe something.Even if it doesn’t make sense. And, I’m been pranked by million time, and I totally ashamed by myself. Coz, I was too much crying. and I always crying because of a little thing. I’m so maudlin. 


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