I’m totally happy now! Huaaaaaa….. >________< *screaming loudly.  Idk how to explain it on here. I … I .. arrrgh!! I’m very happy!! Haha.. my heart is pounding now. Ok, it’s about KOALA, yes  the unique – shy – funny –  quite fat – short – and has a beautiful voice – guy in my school.


I know, the reason why I keep smiling like a monkey is just because of him. NO!! of course, he doesn’t say that He loves me. Impossible! hehe.. You know what? If you love somebody, You’ll feel happy and very alive or.. hm..  anyways, it would be appear a kinda feelings , whether is happy or else that can’t be expressed by any words. 

and this strange feelings, are attacking me right now. I feel happy, confuse, being humble, and so on. And, this is happening just because…

I found the newest photo on his facebook. Yup, close up, and he was eating a meatballs. Haha.. and the other photo which I really like these photo, he was standing with his black jacket at Parking Area. He  was closing his face with his ugly – big – and looks harm – hand. haha.. well, this photo success make me laugh! Haha.. so funny!! xDD

Sorry, can’t post the photo coz of privacy reasons.

and, now I have saved these photo on my computer. I look like a stalker. Hahaha.. who cares. xD

 I just wanna tell you that, sooooo…. bye! 😀 Really!! I can’t stop thinking about these photo. So real! and He’s like so close to me. Hahaha,, xDD Happy Saturday Night! 

P.S I haven’t already added him into my friends list yet.. >.< I don’t have any courage.  


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