X going to XI Science Department

first of all, let me say THANK GOD coz, you still believe me and allow me to enter Science department in 11th grade.


I’m in Science Department Officially on Wednesday 29th June 2011.

I should do my NAZAR to Allah SWT. Thank GOD! You has allowed me to enter Science department! I’ll do my best on there, and make a good score! I wish I could! Amiiiin~!!

I was totally happy, when I know I can enter to Science department. There are no ECONOMIC, SOCIOLOGY, and else. Well, I have a good score for social lessons, but hahaha.. Trust me, I can’t have it without my friend’s help. >.< have no Idea, especially for economic. Then, I found that, I’ll not being teaching by that sucky computer teacher, Mr S*GAR coz, He’ll teach in Social department. YEAAAAAH!! He gave me C for my behavior! That’s sucks, and I hate him, much!! ==’

But, I was quite sad, that I will have no geography lessons in Science department. Moreover, geography is my favorite lesson. hm, actually, I just like the way Mr. Aris teach us. hahaha.. Mr belekhul~ I’ll be missing you, Sir.. >.<

Then, from T.A.C (my classmates on XA), I’ll be missing them so much! Coz, We’ve been in XA since the first day at high school, and we have so much conflicts , problems, and great memories. I couldn’t forget that. 🙂 Most of my friends are going in Social department coz, it’s their choices.

About KOALA, I’m really really in a daze if we started to talking about KOALA. Well,  He’s in social, but I’m not really sure about it. Maybe, I still want if he’s in Science. I asked his classmates, and no one knows it. I feel .. yeah.. pretend to be indifferent about this, but I can’t hide my disappointment face. And, if he really enter to social, I can’t hide my feeling. I must be very envy with my 10th’s classmates who entered in Social and get a same class with him. How lucky she is or he is. >___< For another reason, It makes me sure that He really enter in Social. Oh GOD~ If when I was thinking about it, I always want to cry, whether my tears just almost fall down. But, it’s hurt sometimes. 

back to the topic. 😀

About MUNSTAA. Just 2 from 6 munstaa who entered Science department. I and Munsta King Kong. I got a little bit disappointed coz, munstaa Kuwala can’t go to Science department too. I know she can, but coz some reasons, it’s not happening. >.< Then, bengik, jupipi, and bebek are going to social department just like what they want. Congrats guys! And, for Kuwala, well She has decided what will she become in Social department => phisikolog. Good JOB Kuwala~ I know you could. And, about me, I haven’t decided yet, what will I become in future.

Medicine (like my father wants) or else.. >.< *going in a daze

Ok, so.. hm, I can’t wait to have a science lessons in XI grade. >_____< I’ll do my best!! Yihaaaaaa….!!


I don’t know how to say, Today~ I got another surprise at school. What a weird day ! I have 1 terrible news, and 1 luxurious news. Oh My God! I do want to say THANK GOD again.. ! Because……..


just like me.. Oh My God! I hope we can be a classmates. HAHAHA wow, My heart is still pounding now. THANK GOD.. THANK YOU SO MUCH~ >.<  I just… feel… HAPPY and.. can’t expressed it with any words in the world and any languages. >____<


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