early morning :D

Good Morning!!

I’ve just finished my breakfast today at 04.30 WIB. hahaha.. It’s fasting month. 🙂  and I’ve done praying. So, this is me, in the front of my lovely low-loading computer. I’m busy mix and match clothes on looklet, and write this post. So, I decided, to share anything – ain’t important thing-  that I did in a few days ago. Let’s see, what have I done. 🙂

E~e?? what’s this??!! hahaha.. xDD♥ I didn’t realize if I’m already like Jessica -SNSD 19 %. Haha.. of course, it’s just coincidence. If I add a different photos, the result would be changing. hahaha.. So, I’m 13 years old, and I look like 19% Jessica SNSD and 64% member of Morning Musume  . hahaha,, klik here, if you wanna try it. Let’s find who’s your twin in the world.

next is.. I was dreaming that, if I am reborn as Japanese-French girl (stop dreaming so high rurii!!) and, I am being a superstar. hahaha.. So, this is mybe I would like to be as a japanese super star. xD

hahaha.. cool! isn’t? xD ♥ I want have a light skin and pink-black hair like that. hahaha.. if I was reborn as Japanese-French girl.  You can try to make your superstar in.. hm.. I forget about the site. Just find out by yourself in..

here, mybe here, or here  

I do so much online dressup games on there. But, that’s too much pictures if I post all of it. Besides, I can’t choose one of them. so, just wait the other soon. hahaha..

so.. BYE~BYE~


PS. it’s been a long time, I don’t post something about movie. Next time, OK. 🙂


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