What Should I do ??

I won’t say something that usually I said. Just going to the point.


there are a lot of something -unimportant and important- things to do. Such as.. -you know- cutting my long hair, Personally I really really wanna have a long hair, but I realized that It needs more energy and time to take care of it.. so, I choose to have a short hair again!! ♥♥♥

And, at school~~ yeah.. I have some troubles. Have a lot of homeworks, I haven’t finished my notes yet( you can see how clean my books from anything related my lessons). Well, Tomorrow Friday I have a debate competition. Oh NO!! I have been a long long long time ago!! I forget almost everything about debate. (I almost forgot about English btw). And yeaaaaah,, next month is…. examination! Hell yeah!! -________- I couldn’t figure it how scary  Physics Test is!

and at school I should keep practicing my Germany. I admit that, Germany is confusing that English. Of course!! I have learned English since I was in Elementary School, but Germany??!! since 1 year ago. I’m yelling in inside of my heart…


I won’t give up with my French and Japanese. Never!! hoho~

The other things are, should pay my video games. I was buying on KASKUS, and.. I haven’t payed it, So, I should do it asap. Memorized another Kpop dance.. like SNSD bad girl and great escape. omaigot~!!  and at least.. hohoho~ cleaning my room is being a good thing to me.

^___^ regards ruriimatsuii


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