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Good Evening everyone! bonjour À tous ♥ 

I feel really good tonight, except I’m so hungry and I haven’t done my homework yet (Do I have a homework? haha xD) So, why do I feel good tonight?? 😀 Because, I had just looked at my old blog. Those is my first blog, I made it on blogger. I  used to call it “Ruri entertainment”. It sounds very ridiculous, haha I made it when I was in Junior High School. I wasn’t using English on there. >.< 

In there, I saw my old paintings that it’s made by “paint” not by SAI or anything like that. I drew many kind of people who I’m imaging as a celebrities. For examples are.. HINATA YUUKI , HIMAWARI YUUKI, CHEOSHI, and many more. And I drew many kind of movie’s cover or dorama’s cover. haha.. xD

I do be glad, if you check it out and give a comment about my paintings. I know those are will be very very sucks, haha.. xD I’ll appreciate it. :D♥


Hinata Yuuki

Hinata Yuuki

Himawari Yuuki

Hinata and Himawari are siblings. Hinata is the oldest and Hima is her little sister. They are have 1/4 Korean. ( Hina started her career as a Singer, but Hima started as a model. 


 They are “REAMUR”. My friend always said that ” Would you like to make a new group again? We can named it Kelvin or Celcius!” The Leader is Tamako Shinwa, she is Chinese but live in Japan for a whole her life. Then, Mellisa Kwon had lived in New York for 5 years, She speaks English fluently. and, Korano Yuukoyo is a pure Japanese. Haha.. She’s my favorite member. 😛 

I think, I gave a weird name for them. haha.. xDD 

Fukio Kawa

She is Fukio Kawa. Actually, She’s from different agency, but I used to like drawing her, or making many movies and drama for her. She has a big brother named Sousuke Kawa. He’s VM’s member (note: VM is another boyband in La entertainment). 


yeeeaaaah, “MORNING time~!!” said Kotobuki Sani. They are Himawari Yuuki and Kotobuki Sani. Kotobuki Sani is a girl with black hair. 🙂 nothing special on her, I just liked draw her. 


 I had ever mentioned this girl band on here. This is my favorite girlband, and I still like to draw anything related to them. 

 well guys, I think, that’s enough for this post. Finally, I made a new post. HAHA *lebay See you next time. 😀 


Yui Aragaki vs Ayu Ting-Ting ?!?!

omyGod~ she’s an angel ♥♥ look at her, she has an amazing face. Her skin is very light, Her lips is sooo pink, her eyes is so small cute and her smile is adorable. I adore her, much!! ♥ >___< 

Ok, I’ll tell y.  I’m Yui Aragaki’s fan. yeah, I started like her since I saw her act in “Koizora” and I heard her song. >.< I don’t mention her profile on here because I’m not going to write about her.. 

yeah, I’m going to tell you  about “ayu ting ting”.

who’s she?? O.o

Watch this video, y’ll know who is she. ≥__≤ 

Have you watched it? Good!

Ayu Ting Ting is a dangdut singer in Indonesia. She’s so famous right now coz of this song ” Alamat Palsu” (Wrong Address) wkwkwk.. I feel really good, translated it into English. haha.. xDD  I think, she is my 1st favorite dangdut singer (trust me, in my whole life, it’s the first time I’m listening and liking dangdut song) Here’s her profile.. 🙂

Tempat/tgl lahir : Depok, 20 Juni 1990
Profesi : Penyanyi dangdut, presenter, model
Tinggi badan : 160 cm
Berat badan : 45 kg
Prestasi : Bintang sari ayu 2006, Putri Depok 2006, Mojang Depok, Presenter Kuis (ANTV), Album Dangdut (Geol Ajep2)
Album : Dangdut (Rekening Cinta), Goyang Sejati (ANTV), Dangdut Yoo (TPI), Kamera Ria (TVRI), Dangdut Pro (TVRI)

feels like I’ve ever saw her in somewhere.. It was really confusing feeling and I can’t bear it. She’s beautiful! I admit, yeah.. She’s so beautiful.♥♥ 

It turns out, I saw her at midnight quiz on TV. -__- That time, I didn’t know she’s a singer. I’m being honest, I can’t find anything related ayu ting ting at midnight quiz. If I’ve found it, I’ll share on here. ^__^

So, here’s my opinion. Don’t you think that, Ayu ting ting a Indonesian dangdut singer is very very similar to Yui Aragaki?? No? of course YES! I think, both of them are like a twin. They have a same smile! check it out this picture!!


more Ayu Ting Ting’s photos… 

I’m still thinking, how similar is she with Yui Aragaki. Both of them is freaking beautiful.

But, I’m still wondering, how she could be a DANGDUT singer?? -___- hahaha.. 

btw, thanks for visit this pathetic blog. 😉


another video related to Ayu TingTing “Alamat Palsu” 😛