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Good Evening everyone! bonjour À tous ♥ 

I feel really good tonight, except I’m so hungry and I haven’t done my homework yet (Do I have a homework? haha xD) So, why do I feel good tonight?? 😀 Because, I had just looked at my old blog. Those is my first blog, I made it on blogger. I  used to call it “Ruri entertainment”. It sounds very ridiculous, haha I made it when I was in Junior High School. I wasn’t using English on there. >.< 

In there, I saw my old paintings that it’s made by “paint” not by SAI or anything like that. I drew many kind of people who I’m imaging as a celebrities. For examples are.. HINATA YUUKI , HIMAWARI YUUKI, CHEOSHI, and many more. And I drew many kind of movie’s cover or dorama’s cover. haha.. xD

I do be glad, if you check it out and give a comment about my paintings. I know those are will be very very sucks, haha.. xD I’ll appreciate it. :D♥


Hinata Yuuki

Hinata Yuuki

Himawari Yuuki

Hinata and Himawari are siblings. Hinata is the oldest and Hima is her little sister. They are have 1/4 Korean. ( Hina started her career as a Singer, but Hima started as a model. 


 They are “REAMUR”. My friend always said that ” Would you like to make a new group again? We can named it Kelvin or Celcius!” The Leader is Tamako Shinwa, she is Chinese but live in Japan for a whole her life. Then, Mellisa Kwon had lived in New York for 5 years, She speaks English fluently. and, Korano Yuukoyo is a pure Japanese. Haha.. She’s my favorite member. 😛 

I think, I gave a weird name for them. haha.. xDD 

Fukio Kawa

She is Fukio Kawa. Actually, She’s from different agency, but I used to like drawing her, or making many movies and drama for her. She has a big brother named Sousuke Kawa. He’s VM’s member (note: VM is another boyband in La entertainment). 


yeeeaaaah, “MORNING time~!!” said Kotobuki Sani. They are Himawari Yuuki and Kotobuki Sani. Kotobuki Sani is a girl with black hair. 🙂 nothing special on her, I just liked draw her. 


 I had ever mentioned this girl band on here. This is my favorite girlband, and I still like to draw anything related to them. 

 well guys, I think, that’s enough for this post. Finally, I made a new post. HAHA *lebay See you next time. 😀 


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