here it comes..! Teletubbies.. one of my favorite childhood TV-show.! I was in kindergarten and (I always remember it) I always watched Teletubbies after school while eating OREO snack and some candies. omyyy… I miss that time! I wanna go back, being a little girl anymore!

Teletubbies is a British BBC children’s television series targeted at pre-school viewers and produced from 1997 to 2002 by Ragdoll Productions. It was created by Ragdoll’s creative director Anne Wood CBE and Andrew Davenport. (hoho, taken by google :P)

anyway, Teletubbies are..


the oldest, tallest, and biggest in Teletubbies as my thoughts. And I think, I’m right. hoho, He was really caring the other tubbies. he’s such a good boy… 😀  And lately, I realized something about this purple boy. >.< He had a quite feminine personality, He always carried his red HANDBAG (come on, a guy with  handbag ?! :o) , and.. my impression when I saw him.. “ah, he’s gay!”  He’s close with Poo (red tubbies), well they weren’t dating, they were just friend, remember??

 how cute he is.. >.< hohoho 

I’ve never thought of the possibility that he was gay. It’s quite interesting. What would happen if I realized this when I was 5 years old?? can’t image that! *starting image something xD  Tinky Wink is my favorite right now! Tinky.. it ain’t wrong to be yaoi. 😀 *ups!! 



 the second one! He’s the real guy. Just look at his photograph. 😀 I didn’t see “anything” on him. He’s just so macho. his color is green, mu favorite one. But, when I was little girl, I didn’t like him. why? Because he’s guy. -__- (just like Tinky winky, I didn’t like him either).  He’s close with LaLa, I guess they were dating. -_- they were too close. And his favorite stuff was….

 that HAT! he liked dancing with it! 


She’s my favorite tubbies! she’s yellow she’s shinny she’s kind she’s cheerful! I love her! 😀 She’s dipsy’s girlfriend #makeascandal I love the way she is. haha because my personality is not so far from Lala’s personality. she’s tomboy and so am I.  She liked playing with her special ball, and She liked ballet. She’s so multi talented..

 and the last one is..

4. POO


 the youngest, smallest, cutest (Lala was more cute that her!). She was lovely little girl. Very girly and kind. she liked riding her scouter. and while She’s riding it, she sang “piidipi dipidipi dipoo.. tet tet” hahaha.. so funny! She totally looked funny when riding the scouter. 😀


I miss the show so bad. 





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